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  • Male Menopause: It’s not what you think
    You’ve probably heard of the menopause in women, but did you know men go through a similar hormonal change as they age? For some older men, the onset of male menopause can be a difficult time, with different symptoms beginning to …more
  • Beechwood Park Staying Well Event Review
    Our blog from Craig at Staying Well Hub describes a recent community activity day at Beechwood Park. We had a great day at Beachwood Park on 18 August, despite the less than perfect weather. We had Art in the Park, courtesy of …more
  • Why do I struggle in background noise?
    How well you can hear is affected by many factors.  Our guest blog from hearing expert and audiologist Sally Jackson looks at the impact of background noise on our ability to hear. There are many factors determining how well you …more
  • Planning Ahead While You Can
    Life is filled with events. Some are good, some are bad. Others are avoidable. Others are out of your control. Our guest blog outlines how and why its never too soon to start later life planning. The key to staying ahead in life …more
  • Get help paying your bills with Yorkshire Water’s special tariffs
    Yorkshire Water is working closely with Calderdale Forum 50 Plus to tell older people about the ways in which they can reduce their water consumption and save money on their water bills.  Their Customer Services team want to hear …more
  • When Your Parents Have Memory Loss: What Next?
    With the recent portrayal of a family’s experience of dementia in the film “The Father” starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Coleman, this guest blog is has some excellent and timely advice on coping when loved …more
  • Helpful tips for saving money by reducing your water consumption
    In the 1830s the average person in the UK would have got by on just 18 litres of water per day, however nowadays we are using over 135 litres a day (7.5 times the volume)! Calderdale Forum 50 Plus is working with Yorkshire Water …more
  • Lasting Powers of Attorney – what are they all about?
    You’ve probably heard of ‘Lasting Powers of Attorney’, but you might not be too sure what they’re all about. In a nutshell, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) means that if (and it’s a big if) you ever lose mental capacity in the …more
  • Peer bereavement support groups in Calderdale
    A bereavement support group gives you a safe space to share experiences and emotions with people who have a shared knowledge and understanding of where you might be at. The time between someone dying and the funeral is often a …more
  • Avoiding loneliness this Christmas
    Many people experience a greater sense of loneliness at Christmas so here we bring you some ideas to help you survive during our most important festival. According to Age UK almost a million older people say they feel lonelier at …more
  • Planning ahead – making a Will
    Making a Will is something everyone should do, but even as we get older many of us shy away from doing so. Here we look at the reasons why you should make a will and how to go about it. Why do we shy away from making a will? Is …more
  • Blog: Strength training for women after 50
    Before the year 2000, when a woman went to the gym, she would gravitate to the cardio room either with a friend or by herself.  The treadmill, bike, or steppers were taken up mostly by women. The free-weight area of the gym was …more
  • Staying safe on your bike
    Safety is very important when riding a bike, and there are some easy safety measures you can take to protect yourself. Wear a cycling helmet. Falling from a bike or being knocked off in an accident can cause head injuries, so a …more
  • Hindsight and Foresight!
    Here is our latest blog from Forum Chair, Malcolm Kielty MBE on the abundance of hindsight and the scarcity of foresight! Isn’t hindsight a wonderful attribute?  Right now, everyone has hindsight.  Media commentators, experts, …more
  • How to choose and buy a bike
    Bike use during the coronavirus lockdown has surged, with many of us going back to two wheels.  But how do you choose the right bike for you, with so many types now on the market. The British Government has encouraged people to …more
  • Mum and daughter blog: Living the lockdown together
    Mum Blog: Living the lockdown with my teenage daughter! When I look back to Christmas, our thoughts and plans for the future, it feels like we are living in some weird dystopian novel.  Increasingly worried about the environment, …more
  • BLOG: Dandelions or daffodils – the choice is yours!
    Forum Chair Malcolm Kielty compares the challenge of beating the coronavirus with a gardener’s travails with weeding out the humble dandelion. Some folk just don’t get it do they?  Keep consistent with social isolation and …more
  • BLOG: Surviving the enforced lockdown!
    Read our latest blog from Forum trustee Michael Riley on how he is dealing with the enforced lockdown! 13 April 2020 So as one of a group of people which it appears will be locked down for 12 weeks, and this is only week three …more
  • BLOG: Why do we say such peculiar things?
    Why do we say and do such peculiar things? At a time of national crisis, when every news headline is about the coronavirus, here are some light-hearted reflections, from a reader, on the strange things we say and do.  We hope …more
  • INFO: 25 FREE things to keep you entertained while in self-isolation
    By now, many of us will have been self-isolating at home for weeks, shielding ourselves from the coronavirus outbreak in the UK. Right now, more than ever, we need things to keep us busy and entertained at home. Happily, through …more

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