Ageing & Care

Welcome to our ageing & care page. We will soon be adding more information to help Calderdale’s older people and their families with ageing & care. In the meantime, on the right of this page are all the news stories with ageing & care issues in them.

Community Care Alarm Service

If you are worried about a fall at home, Calderdale Council, in partnership with Progress Lifeline, offer 2 types of community alarms which offers direct access to a Contact Centre from your home.

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Choosing care: Your Options
For many people over the age of 50, the need to reach decisions on care for elderly family members will be one of the key life stages you have to face, when your loved ones are no longer capable of expressing their needs and wants.

Older age surveys
Read the results of surveys on age-related issues from national organisations.

Safeguarding adults
What do you do if you are being abused or you think a relative or friend is being abused?

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