Yorkshire Water’s Special Tariffs

Yorkshire Water’s Customer Services team want to hear from you if you think you could be eligible for a different tariff or would like to sign up to their Priority Services Register.

Yorkshire Water have made a number of different tariffs available to support householders on low incomes, people with a disability, medical condition or serious illness and those who are struggling to pay their water bills, possibly due to temporary circumstances, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few of the options and more than one may be applicable to your circumstances:

If your water bill is £418 or more per annum then you could qualify for a tariff called Water Support, which caps your bill at £430.  If you believe your water needs are going to increase, then you will save money on this scheme.

Water Sure has been designed for people on benefits or pension credit who are heavy water consumers. If you fit the bill, then your bills will be automatically capped at £104 per quarter.

Water Direct can help you manage your money better.  If you have arrears of more than £75 and are on benefits including pension credit, then Yorkshire Water can arrange for you to have the fees deducted direct from your benefit until the debt has been settled and even make it a permanent arrangement. 27,000 people across West Yorkshire have opted for this.

Bills in arrears

Some residents have found they are struggling to meet their water bills and have slipped into arrears.  As a result, Yorkshire Water has set up a charity called Community Trust to help people who have debts from £50 to £2,000.  If you find yourself in this situation, then with 86% of applications for support proving successful, it could be worth applying to the Trust.

Find out more about bill payment help

Save money on your utility bills and help conserve water by requesting a free water saving pack.

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As well as help with bill payments, you may qualify for the Yorkshire Water Priority Services Register.  This Register is free to sign up to and gives you priority access to bottled water in case of emergencies, and ensures you are one of the first to know when water supplies have to be cut off.

Sign up to the Priority Services Register

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