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  • Join North East and Yorkshire Arthritis Action Group For Online Meeting
    North East and Yorkshire Online Arthritis Action Group To help more people across the country access peer-led support, the organisation Arthritis Action are now running virtual meetings over the online platform Zoom. During these …more
  • Out of hours support for people undergoing mental distress
    Safespace is Calderdale’s out of hours support service for people in emotional distress and is run by Healthy Minds. Safespace is now open every evening to ensure that people have access to support, particularly during the …more
  • Deciding when to retire: the impact on mental agility and wellbeing
    Retirement or not? The decision’s effects on cognitive functioning, well-being, and quality of life. The Centre for Policy in Ageing has reported on a study published in the journal of Behavioural Sciences in September 2020 …more
  • Living with pain: new eight week online course to lighten your load
    If you live with chronic pain or have a long term health condition, then this step by step 8 week course from Healthy Minds is designed to help you live a joyful and fulfilling life by lightening the load of living with pain so …more
  • Lockdown fitness and activity ideas and opportunities
    During the lockdown in spring 2020, Active Calderdale surveyed Calderdale residents, and found that 73% of people exercised to manage their physical health and 76% to manage their mental health. It’s really important that we keep …more
  •  Vaccine Deployment Minister’s Vision For Getting The Vaccine Out Quickly
    This statement was released by the Vaccine Deployment Minister Nadhim Zahawi on Sunday 10 January 2021 and it outlines the plans to step up vaccine deployment in the UK in the coming weeks and months. Britons will again be …more
  • 8 exercises for older people and those with disabilities during isolation
    This collection of videos during lockdown 2021 comes from the online magazine for people with disabilities, Disability Horizons. Many of the exercises are equally appropriate for older people and people with various health …more
  • Mental Health support in Calderdale:
    If you’re feeling concerned or overwhelmed by the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), it’s understandable. The list of organisations below to help you support your mental health and wellbeing. Please share this list with friends and …more
  • Simple ways to improve home security from Independent Age
    While burglary isn’t very common, it makes sense to take precautions. Simple additions to your house, such as a well-maintained boundary or burglar alarm, can give you the peace of mind you need to remain independent at …more
  • Speakup: Health info & advice for disabled people
    Covid 19 Grab and Go sheet, ‘Be Health Aware’ sessions and more! Self-advocacy specialists Speakup give people with learning disabilities and autistic people a voice, employment opportunities and makes sure that they are valued …more
  • Advice: How To Be “Winterwise”
    Have you seen Calderdale Council’s Winterwise booklet, delivered to all households in Calderdale? This booklet is also available online here. It is divided into useful sections such as the following information on preparing your …more
  • Long-Term Unwell Urged To Get Flu Vaccine Before Christmas
    Health chiefs, and a coalition of charities, are urging people with long-term health conditions to get the flu vaccine before the virus starts to circulate. Public Health England (PHE) analysis shows 6 in 10 deaths from flu are …more
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