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Calderdale Council are a key provider of support during the Coronavirus pandemic for residents of Calderdale. Visit their website for lots of advice across a wide range of services. Or call them on 01422 392890 for volunteer support or any form of adult social care.

Latest Coronavirus News and Info

  • Government Reveals 4-Step Plan To End Coronavirus Restrictions by June
    Today, Monday 22 February 2021, the Government has released its first detailed and timetabled plan to release the Coronavirus-combatting restrictions the country has been under since 4 January. Full details are available on the …more
  • COVID-19 home testing kits now easier to order
    The government has introduced a number of new improvements to the home testing programme to make it even easier to get tested. People who do not have access to the internet can now order PCR home testing kits over the phone by …more
  • Community Transport Calderdale (CTC) providing transport to vaccinations
    Our friends at Community Transport Calderdale (CTC) are available to assist with transport to Covid vaccination appointments for those in need, throughout Calderdale. their email address to book is …more
  • 800,000 Additional Adults To Be Prioritised For Vaccine
    Published 17 February 2021 New technology has been introduced in England to help clinicians identify, for the first time, a new group of people who may be at high risk from COVID-19. The patients identified through the risk …more
  • Over-70s Invited To Book First Vaccination Appointment
    People who are over 70 and haven’t had their first Covid-19 vaccination can now contact the NHS National Booking Service for an appointment. In West Yorkshire, health organisations expect to have reached everyone in the first …more
  • How To Spot A Vaccine Scam
    The NHS has teamed up with law enforcement and security agencies to warn the public not to fall victim to fraudsters trying to exploit the coronavirus vaccine campaign. Criminals are claiming they can offer the vaccine at a cost …more
  • Online Seminar: An Islamic Perspective on Covid-19 & the Vaccine
    This Free Online Seminar has been set up to communicate an Islamic Perspective on The Covid-19 Virus and the Vaccine. Join it find answers to the questions around receiving the vaccine and what Islam says on the Pandemic. Free …more
  • Over-70s & “Extremely Vulnerable” Can Now Book Coronavirus Vaccinations
    For the first time, you can now book your Coronavirus vaccination if you are: 1/ over 70 years old 2/ if you’ve received a letter from the Government saying you are at high risk from Coronavirus. Below is the information on …more
  • Government Reports On Vaccine Safety
    This report from the Government covers the safety of the Coronavirus vaccines. There’s a link to a more detailed report at the foot of the page. Government Report Into Vaccine Safety Data published from UK’s independent …more
  • Planning Bus/Train Journeys To Calderdale Vaccination Centres
    The West Yorkshire Combined Authority has put in place several measures to assist local people in getting to community vaccination centres by public transport. Plan Journeys To Calderdale Vaccination Centres Here is a list of …more
  • Coronavirus Vaccine: All Your Questions Answered!
    The following is the latest information on the coronavirus vaccine, in particular how it will be made available to you, its safety and effectiveness. Basics Please don’t contact the NHS to seek a vaccine; they will contact you. …more
  • Support: Age UK Covid-19 Response Service
    What is the Covid-19 Response service? Age UK’s Covid-19 response is a collection of services provided for up to 6 weeks to support someone who has been in hospital and/or to prevent a hospital readmission. What is included …more
  • Lateral Flow testing: a guide to the tests and how they are used
    This is an explanation of how rapid flow testing is being used for people without COVID-19 symptoms, alongside the standard PCR tests.  Published 27 January 2021 by the government. Around 1 in 3 individuals with COVID-19 do not …more
  • Calderdale Council Covid-19 Update
    The latest update (published 23 January) from Calderdale Council on testing, hospital admissions and vaccinations There were 476 positive Covid-19 tests carried out on Calderdale residents in the 7- day period 10-16 January 2021. …more
  • Guide: How to isolate at home if you have COVID-19 symptoms
    There has been plenty of Government advice about limiting the spread of COVID-19 in public spaces, but what if you have to self-isolate from other family members at home? Spend as little time as possible in shared spaces such as …more
  • Calderdale to roll-out Lateral Flow testing for “at risk” groups
    Calderdale Council supported by the Department of Health and Social Care is to deliver the new Lateral Flow testing programme, to help control transmission of COVID-19 in our community. The Lateral Flow Test is a clinically …more
  • Over-70s To Get Vaccine Invites From This Week
    People in England aged 70 and over and those listed as clinically extremely vulnerable, will begin receiving offers of a coronavirus vaccine this week (w/c 18 January 2021). More than five million people – from priority …more
  • Self Isolating? Get Doorstep Deliveries From Morrisons
    Morrisons continue to offer a doorstep deliver service for people who are self isolating: Their Doorstep Delivery service available to anyone who’s self-isolating, to help them get the groceries they need. Whether …more
  • Facecovering exemption: get your Sunflower Lanyard
    Not all disabilities are visible and living with a hidden disability can make daily life more demanding for many people, but it can be difficult for others to identify, acknowledge or understand the challenges you face. Here are …more
  •  Vaccine Deployment Minister’s Vision For Getting The Vaccine Out Quickly
    This statement was released by the Vaccine Deployment Minister Nadhim Zahawi on Sunday 10 January 2021 and it outlines the plans to step up vaccine deployment in the UK in the coming weeks and months. Britons will again be …more
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