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  • COVID-19 Vaccinations: how do people with dementia consent?
    People with dementia are in the current priority groups to receive any new coronavirus vaccine. But what does this mean for people with dementia, and what will happen if a person is not able to give consent to have the vaccine. …more
  • Tier-3 Coronavirus Restrictions Explained
    From the morning of Wednesday 2 December Calderdale will be under Covid restrictions in the Tier 3 (very high alert) category for England. More Info: The New 3-Tier System In Detail | Gov’t Christmas Advice: Travel, Bubbles …more
  • Government Christmas Advice: Travel, Bubbles & More
    Here are the key details of the Government’s planned easing of social restrictions that will allow friends and loved ones to reunite over the Christmas period and the advice they offer to help make it as safe as possible. …more
  • The New 3-Tier System In Detail
    Local restriction tiers: what you need to know Below are details from the government of the local restriction tier system that will be in place from Wednesday 2 December, including what you can and cannot do in each tier. This …more
  • Coronavirus: Return to a 3-tier system at end of lockdown, 2 December
    The Government is expected to announce later today, a return to the “three tier system” when lockdown ends on 2 December. Details – What You Can Expect While parts of the tier system will be tougher, the 22:00 GMT closing time …more
  • Video: Calderdale Council COVID-19 Q & A session
    On Thursday 19 November Calderdale council hosted a COVID-19 LIVE Q&A on Facebook, looking at how we can all help to bring Calderdale’s infection rate down to the national average. Below is a video recording of the full …more
  • Video: Importance of ventilation to reduce spread of COVID-19
    A new short film released by the government shows how coronavirus lingers in enclosed spaces, and how to keep your home ventilated. Watch the video (no subtitles) Watch the video (with subtitles) Research shows that being in a …more
  • Coronavirus: Latest Support Info From Council
    Message To Clinically Vulnerable Calderdale Council has written to everyone in Calderdale who has been identified as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) to make sure they know where to go if they need any advice and support. If …more
  • Video: Calderdale Council’s COVID-19 LIVE Q&A
    On Thursday 19 November Calderdale council hosted a COVID-19 LIVE Q&A on Facebook, looking at how we can all help to bring Calderdale’s infection rate down to the national average. Below is a video recording of the full …more
  • ‘Long COVID’ clinics launched to tackle persistent symptoms
    More than 40 ‘long COVID’ specialist clinics will be launched before Christmas to help the many patients suffering continuing and prolonged effects of the virus. The clinics, due to start opening at the end of November, will …more
  • Look Up! How To Avoid Falls When Wearing A Mask
    Here’s an interesting article from the BMJ website, which looks at the risks of falls whilst wearing a mask and looks at how best to avoid them, making some really insightful points about how we balance along the way: …more
  • Travel Safely on Buses & Trains
    If you do need to travel on public transport, then please help protect yourself and others by following these safety guidelines: • Wear a face covering unless exempt and carry hand sanitiser • Maintain social distancing • Pay …more
  • Pilot for family members to get regular testing for safer care home visits
    Named family and friends may soon be able to regularly visit loved ones in care homes as a new testing pilot is launched. Care homes across Hampshire, Cornwall and Devon will pioneer the new system which will see a designated …more
  • GPs likely to deliver Covid-19 vaccine
    The BMJ is reporting that the NHS has published an agreement to enable general practices to start delivering a covid-19 vaccine from as early as next month. A new directed enhanced service (DES), published 10 November, says …more
  • NHS Responders: Volunteers sought
    The NHS Volunteer Responders programme, set up by NHS England is recruiting again! Since the first national lockdown, NHS Volunteer Responders have completed more than a million tasks and are recruiting again. This is in response …more
  • Calderdale to benefit from rapid Coronavirus tests
    This news item has just been announced on the BBC Yorkshire News Website (10/11/2020) Rapid coronavirus tests to be rolled out in Yorkshire Priority groups are to benefit from “rapid” turnaround tests this week after a new pilot …more
  • Council’s “Stop the Spread” Message
    Here’s a message from Calderdale Council’s Director of Public Health and a good, simple poster from the Council highlighting your priorities in the prevention of the Coronavirus, released to coincide with the start of the …more
  • 5 min Guide: Lockdown Advice For Clinically Vulnerable
    Here are the key points of the government’s advice to people who are clinically extremely vulnerable to Coronavirus during the new lockdown period, commencing 5 November 2020.  Day-To-Day Living Home, Socialising & Exercise …more
  • Calderdale Council’s Coronavirus Update & Advice
    Debs Harkins, Calderdale Council’s Director of Public Health gives us an overview of Coronavirus’s spread in the area. With an estimated 1 in 40 people in Calderdale currently with the virus, there a simple things we can do – …more
  • Adjusting heat and humidity reduces COVID transmission within the home
    A new article on the Telegraph website, shows that adjusting both temperature and humidity can reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus indoors. The article taken from a new research study suggests the virus which …more
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