Frequently Asked Questions

Here we aim to address the issues that matter most to the over fifties in Calderdale.

Our committee have identified a number of important issues affecting older people.

If you have an important issue or concern you would like to tell us about, use our Feedback Form to tell us more.  We will do what we can to answer your query or find the correct channels for you to report it.

How do I access my GP?

We know that accessing a GP has become more difficult for many people since the Covid pandemic. We have heard of people unable to get a face-to-face appointment, long call waits, unconnected calls and unhelpful reception staff. Here are some suggestions.

1. Speak to the Practice Manager
In the first instance you should ask to speak to the Practice Manager and explain your concerns.

2.Contact Healthwatch Calderdale
If you are not happy with the response or unable to get through to your Practice Manager, contact Healthwatch Calderdale. They are an independent organisation, who’s remit is to gather the views of the people of Calderdale and represent them to the NHS. Call 01422 412141 to report a concern or follow the links below.

Report your concerns or make a complaint

Leave a review of the service received

3.Contact the Patient’s Association
A third option is to contact the Patients Association or call their FREE helpline on 0800 348 7115, available weekdays from 9.30am to 5pm.

Find out how they can help

4. You may also want to consider changing your GP

To compare GP’s you might want to take a look at the website where you can enter your postcode and it will show you all your nearest GP practices and reviews from patients.

Or check reviews on Healthwatch Calderdale website.

5. Have you registered online?
You may find it easier to get an appointment, change appointments and order prescriptions if you register online. 

Read more about accessing NHS services in our Health & Wellbeing Hub.

Am I eligible for Pension Credit?

Pension credit tops up your weekly income if you have reached state pension age. Eligibility will take into account your State Pension, other pensions, earnings from employment and self-employment and most social security benefits, for example Carer’s Allowance. Find out if you are eligible on our Pension Credit page

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