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  • Department For Work & Pensions Newsletter 13/2/21
    Here’s a roundup of recent DWP announcements  Coronavirus vaccination update People do not need to wait to be contacted if any of the following apply: they are aged 70 or over they have previously received a letter saying …more
  • Free Scams & Frauds Workshops
    West Yorkshire Trading Standards Scam and Frauds workshops and training are currently being delivered live and online and can be booked as a one off or a series.  The same workshops can be delivered more than once to different …more
  • Avoiding Covid-19 Telephone Scams
    Unfortunately, despite the pandemic, there are still those who will try to commit fraud. Ofcom have received information from the NHS regarding many different scams relating to Covid-19 that are currently circulating. Calls are …more
  • Energy Saving Tips
    See also the Citizens Advice information on this subject. Set your heating to come on just before you get up and switch it off after you’ve gone to bed. If it’s very cold, set your heating to come on earlier and turn it off later …more
  • Watch Out For Covid-19 Vaccine Scams
    Here’s a handy reminder of how to avoid Covid-19 vaccine scams: Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading...…more
  • Energy saving advice and support from Green Doctor
    The Green Doctors visit around 2000 qualifying homes each year across the Yorkshire and North East regions helping households to save between £100 – 1000 per year on their energy bills. Through switching and increased energy …more
  • Managing your money: Q&A workshops with Citizen’s advice this January
    For anyone with a question about money – join one of our upcoming money advice sessions or check out this fun money personality quiz and see if you need our help. …more
  • OFCOM Advice for consumers: coronavirus scam calls and texts
    This is the latest release from OFCOM detailing some of the main Coronavirus scam calls and texts currently circulating. 08 January 2021 We have received reports of scam calls and texts relating to the coronavirus, or Covid-19. …more
  • Christmas scam update
    With Christmas coming, sadly the incidence of scams has not decreased.  Here are the headlines from West Yorkshire Trading Standards Christmas scam update and a link to their 12 scams of Christmas! ‘Tis the season to be …more
  • Citizens Advice – Keeping Calderdale Cosy
    Citizens Advice Calderdale is working hard to keep people warm this winter. They are offering the following services: We want clients to create a happier, healthier home with energy saving tips. – We are seeing an average saving …more
  • DWP: Attendance Allowance Update
    The Department for Work and Pensions’ Attendance Allowance (AA) review processes are reverting to previous arrangements, after changes were made in response to COVID-19. The first customers to be affected will be those …more
  • Save on your Energy Bills This Winter
    Would you like to find out how to save money on your energy bills?   Citizens Advice Calderdale are here to help you keep yourself warm during the coming winter months. During lockdown our energy costs will increase, just as …more
  • Latest Scam Alerts
    This Monthly alert from West Yorkshire Trading Standards outlines trending fraud patterns during the current COVID-19 pandemic and what we can do to stay protected. There have been further reports of scams, doorstep Crime and …more
  • Consultation on Equitable Charging in Community Care
    Consultation on Equitable Charging in Community Care: Live from Monday 24th August to Sunday 18th October 2020 Calderdale Council is looking for feedback on the proposed change to Care Charges for Community Services by removing …more
  • Get your finances in shape for the months ahead
    According to the Moneysavingexpert website, now is a good time to get your finances in shape ahead of the winter months. It is always a good idea to keep on top of your finances, and with many people struggling due to the impact …more
  • New research finds higher long-term unemployment among 50-64 year olds
    Workers between the ages of 50 and 64 are one third more likely than their younger colleagues to be unemployed in the long-term. The employment and training website for the over 50s, Rest Less have analysed the latest data from …more
  • Over-75s urged to take on BBC over free TV licences
    Silver Voices, a group for senior citizens is calling on pensioners to and those over age 60 to protest against the imposition of the licence fee. The “Gum up the Works” campaign is proposing direct action to ‘gum up …more
  • Latest scam alerts – holidays
    This is the latest West Yorkshire Trading Standards weekly update on COVID-19 related scams (13 July 2020). Holiday scams set to increase as UK lockdown is eased. Holidaymakers be warned: Several holiday scams are being …more
  • Free TV licences for over-75s ends on 31 July
    The ending of free TV licences for all people aged over 75 was due to happen on 1 June but was delayed due to the coronavirus.  The fee will now be reinstated on 1 August. This means more than three million households will be …more
  • Latest scams & how to avoid them
    This is West Yorkshire Trading Standards’ weekly update on COVID-19 related scams. Holiday scams set to increase as UK lockdown is eased. Holidaymakers be warned: Several holiday scams are being advertised on social media. …more
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