Money & Finance

Welcome to our money and finance page. We will soon be adding more information to help Calderdale’s older people with their money and financial matters. In the meantime, on the right of this page are all the news stories with money or finance issues in them.

Avoiding telephone banking scams
Advice from Calderdale Crime Prevention team.

Scam Awareness and consumer complaints advice from Yorkshire Trading Standards
How to report a scam and get help if I need to complain about a business.

Dealing with Debt and money issues
Advice and support from Citizen’s Advice.

Help with Budgeting
Tools from Citizen’s Advice to help you work out a budget.

Your employment rights at work
Support if you have concerns about your employment contract, working conditions or right to time off work.

Council Tax
Pay your bill, report changes, register for online payments, check your account or set up a direct debit.

Struggling to pay your council tax bill
The Council can offer advice if you have got into debt with your council tax bills.

Help with your water bills
Yorkshire Water has special tariffs if you are struggling to pay your water bill.

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