Older Age Surveys

New Report from Independent Age.  In Focus: Experiences of older age in England

Published on 16 April, this project set out to explore the reality of life for older people whose voices can be less often heard in debates about ageing, and to find out what is important for people in this age group. It is a new piece of research, which took place in 2019, using surveys and an “expert” group of older people to examine life for older people in England through the lenses of health and wellbeing, social connections, and financial security.

Key themes are highlighted in the report are:

  • Older people aren’t seen as individuals and ageist assumptions persist
  • They can find it difficult to navigate changes and access support
  • The complexity of systems and processes can be overwhelming
  • Opportunities for social contact can be fragile and hindered by limited by public transport
  • Many are actively contributing to society and remaining resilient.

This research will resonate with many older people. Independent Age plan to draw on the issues identified to strengthen their policy work to drive change for older people.

You can download the full report and other factsheets from the Independent Age website.

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