Saturday 11 June: 64th Halifax Charity Gala

The 64th Halifax Charity Gala will take place on Manor Heath Park on Saturday 11th of June with the Grand Parade Procession starting from Eureka.

There will be music, food stalls, fun fair and stalls where charitable organisations can introduce themselves to you. You never know, there may be volunteering opportunities for you too!

  • Tickets are available to buy now. If you purchase before the event to buy one, you get a second half price!
  • Visit for updates, information for the public and companies, as well as pictures of past galas and the option to purchase tickets for the event.
  • The procession parade that starts the gala, leaving at 11:30am from Eureka!
  • The entire event is organised and run by volunteers, helping to fundraise for local voluntary and charitable organisations.
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