Calderdale Forum 50 Plus Spring Survey Results

In March and April 2022 we asked you to complete our Spring Survey.  Here are the results.

Background to the Survey

Calderdale Forum 50 Plus published its Spring survey online on its website during March and April 2022 and 39 people responded.  Here is a summary of the results for each question.

1.What you want from our website and newsletters

We asked you what you most want to read about. The most popular responses were Events in Calderdale and Groups and activities for older people and then local news.

2. Tell us more about what you want

We asked you to tell us more about what you want to see from us. Where possible responses have been grouped into broad categories and the number of comments shown in brackets. Seven of you were happy with the content we provide and had nothing to add.

  • Local and regular events, activities, more and broader listings, more music, more in a timely fashion and more social groups (8 responses)
  • Visiting dignitaries, major road projects and any road closure and diversions
  • Help for the hearing impaired
  • Where to go when you can no longer manage alone
  • Skills opportunities
  • Reliable library service
  • Something light hearted
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Dog friendly social groups
  • Public transport information.

Longer comments included:

“Advice on crime prevention by securing one’s home/out buildings effectively, and any advice on how a community might co-operate with the cost of installing CCTV cameras”

“More to encourage those of us who are just over 50 but healthy and active and just want to see what’s out there for us, not just care and support.”

“Climate change and cost of living (advice) including improvements to green schemes, eg insulation and greener energy.”

“Ensure the diversity of the 50plus population is reflected and the issues and needs of our LGBT and BAME over 50s.”

3.The local issues you are most concerned about at the moment

We asked you to tell us what concerns you most and comments have been grouped where possible and the number of responses shown in brackets.

  • The roads, driving, parking and traffic congestion (7)
  • Policing, antisocial behaviour and personal safety (7)
  • Local transport incl. Halifax Bus Station (7)
  • Litter and fly tipping (5)
  • Housing including insulation (5)
  • Events and things to do for the over 50s (4)
  • Isolation and loneliness (3)
  • Access to GPs (4)
  • Local environment / dog fouling / pollution (4)
  • Lack of or criticism of sports facilities (2)
  • Cost of living (2)
  • Slow planning applications (1)
  • Lack of local shops / difficulty accessing shops (2)
  • Library service (1)
  • Investment in my local area (1)
  • Green issues (1)
  • Council initiatives (1)
  • Local groups for all communities (1)
  • Homes without access to local services (1)
  • Walking (1).

Longer comments included:

“Traffic not stopping at zebra crossings.”

“The lack of depth in the new North Bridge Swimming Pool.”

Lack of support for older men in the Park area.”

“Need to travel to town to access small shops but bus service is totally unreliable.”

Age of people surveyed

Most of you are aged between 50 and 69 with a few respondents aged over 70 and also 80.  One person was in their 40s.





You are mostly happy with the information we provide but would like more activities and events for older people in Calderdale.

Most of you have raised issues or concerns in this survey about the local environment and state of some public services.

We are not a political organisation but we will discuss these issues at our bi-monthly meetings and invite representatives from Calderdale Council and other organisations to attend and here what you have had to say.

If you have any comments about this survey please get in touch at

If you would like to get more involved with us, you could join our 50 Plus Insight Panel or attend a meeting.

Find out more.

We plan to track opinion over a longer time period, so look out for our next survey later this year.

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