People Who Need Yorkshire Water Priority Services

If you’re thinking about signing up for Yorkshire Water’s Priority Services Register, here are a few of the reasons why you might benefit:

Home dialysis or medically dependant on water

Any affect to your water supply is critical. They’ll contact you before any works start that may affect you and, if necessary, ensure you have access to the water supply.

Children under 5

If there’s a problem with your water supply, we’ll contact you to see if you need bottled water delivering as a priority. It’s safe for making baby formula, too.

Over 65’s

Mobility challenges, bad weather or being at home more may mean that getting bottled water delivered, having a nominee or getting bills in large print can make things easier.

Serious illness

We know getting priority contact in a water supply interruption, bottled water delivery and a priority response for some incidents is critical to your health.

British Sign Language user or hearing impaired

The Priority Services Register lets us know if you’d prefer to use Interpreters Live or 2 way texting.

Blind or partially sighted

We can send you large print, Braille or audio copies of your bill. We’re also more than happy to call you.

Help with your water supply

Sometimes we may need to interrupt your water supply for essential works, but don’t worry, we’ll let you know before we go ahead. We can offer extra help to make things easier, like providing you with bottled water.

Help reading letters from us

We can send your letters and bills in the easiest format for you such as in large print, in Braille, on a CD or over the phone. We can also send your letters and bills to a nominated person


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