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From crucial advice to help you through the coronavirus pandemic to planning your time in retirement.  Informative and light hearted reading to guide you through your later years.

Mum and daughter blog: Living the lockdown together
A 50 plus year old mum and her 18 year old daughter share their experiences of living together during lockdown?

Dandelions or daffodils – the choice is yours! 
Forum Chair Malcolm Kielty compares the challenge of beating the coronavirus with a gardener’s travails with weeding out the humble dandelion.

Surviving the enforced lockdown!
Read our latest blog from Forum trustee Michael Riley on how he is dealing with the enforced lockdown!

Fun facts: Ask yourself why?
Why do we say and do such peculiar things?  Here are some light-hearted reflections on the strange things we say and do.

25 FREE things to keep you entertained while in self-isolation
By now, many of us will have been self-isolating at home for weeks. Right now, more than ever, we need things to keep us busy and entertained at home.

A Garden For Older People
Tips for creating a garden that is safe and easy to maintain with The Housing Learning and Improvement Network (LIN).

Letters to the Editor – Riding on Electric Avenue
Just a few quick thoughts on a quiet revolution that has been happening under our noses in the last couple of years.

Letters to the Editor – Malc’s New Tri-focal Glasses
Malcolm’s got a new pair of glasses and he’s not sure he likes what he’s seeing!

Letters to the Editor: Mike Tunes Up For Old Age
As we get older and then retire it becomes a problem as to what we might fill our spare time with? Mike has found a new pastime and he’s enjoying it!

Letters to the Editor: The Joys of Reaching 80
There are benefits in getting older – and especially on reaching 80! Michael chooses to count his blessings as a significant birthday comes and goes!

Letters to the Editor: New Year, Old Problems
Tony’s New Year resolutions are influenced by the realities of growing old and yet tinged with unexpected optimism.

Letters to the Editor: Is It Story Time?
Mike muses on the way our personal histories can be so easily lost and suggests a solution.

Letters to the Editor: Have you got a plan?
Malcolm muses on the dangers of not planning ahead as you get older…..and then blaming everyone else when it all goes wrong!

Letters to the Editor: Minor Ailments, Major Problems
Mike looks back at a tricky search for treatment for, what on the face of it, seemed like a minor ailment.