Ageing Better Newsletter

New research by the Centre for Ageing Better and the Institute for Employment Studies highlights the challenges faced by employees with long-term health conditions. The report warns that more support is needed to help people manage their conditions in the workplace if the state pension is to rise further. Read more

Report: End of furlough likely to be particularly tough for older workers

A recent report by the IFS, funded by the Centre for Ageing Better, warns that the number of older jobseekers is set to increase once the furlough scheme is wound down after the summer. Read more

How far have we come in my five years at Ageing Better?

Anna Dixon reflects on the Centre for Ageing Better’s achievements during her time leading the organisation. Read more

6 new things you need to know about older workers

Our Deputy Director of Evidence, Emily Andrews, reveals new insights into the types of older workers most likely to experience poor employment outcomes – and where we should target support. Read more

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