Hindsight and Foresight!

Here is our latest blog from Forum Chair, Malcolm Kielty MBE on the abundance of hindsight and the scarcity of foresight!

Isn’t hindsight a wonderful attribute? 

Right now, everyone has hindsight.  Media commentators, experts, politicians and ordinary people like you and me.  Coronavirus, Brexit, Black lives Matter – we all know best!

Everyone claims to have hindsight and sounds so knowledgeable!

But what about foresight?  Wouldn’t it be brilliant if more of us had this instead!

With hindsight yes it would!

However, those who have more hindsight, rarely chance their arm at foresight, just in case they get it wrong!

They wait for others to use some foresight and if their predictions are right, they applaud the fact and save their hindsight for another day.

Which camp do you sit in?

I think it is time to have a stab at positivity instead of all this relentless negativity ……………….its the future!!

You can’t change what has gone before.  But by learning the lessons of the past, you might be able to shape a better future.

Now…………………where did I put that half full glass??


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