Yorkshire Quiz

Every year Yorkshire Day is celebrated on the 1st August and this quiz is all about Yorkshire.

Questions follow.  Scroll down for the answers.

Q1.Why does Yorkshire Day take place on 1st August?

  • It’s the day when the 3 ridings of Yorkshire (since abolished) were recorded in the Doomesday Book in 1086.
  • It’s the regimental anniversary of the Battle of Minden on 1st August in which the soldiers wore roses in their headdress on that day.
  • It’s the day that Bettie’s Tearooms were first opened in York in 1907.


Q2. Can you name 4 of the 7 counties that border Yorkshire?


Q3. How many of the world famous Betty’s Tearooms are there in Yorkshire?  And where are they located?


Q4. How many steps lead up to Whitby Abbey?

  • 169
  • 199
  • 234
  • 259

Q5. Which river passes through Leeds city centre?

  • Aire
  • Ouse
  • Calder
  • Wharfe


Q6. Which Yorkshire actress was made a dame in 1988?

  • Maggie Smith
  • Elizabeth Dawn (Vera Duckworth in Coronation Street)
  • Judy Dench


Q7. What links Wakefield, Morley and Rothwell?

  • They are all districts of Leeds Metropolitan area
  • They are known as the Rhubarb Triangle
  • They were all centres of magazine publishing in the 20th


Q8. Which Yorkshire cheese do Wallace & Gromit enjoy?



Q9. Which town hosted the 2022 Yorkshire Day Civic Celebration event?

  • Leeds
  • Keighley
  • Barnsley


Q10. We like using dialect in Yorkshre and there are a lot of popular sayings.  What does “Put t’wood in t’oil” mean?



Scroll down for the answers…







Q1. Battle of Minden

Q2. Durham to the north, Westmorland to the northwest, Lancashire to the west, Cheshire and Derbyshire to the southwest, and Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire to the southeast.

Q3. 5 – Harrogate, York, Ilkley, Harlow Carr, Northallerton

Q4. 199 steps

Q5. The Aire

Q6. Judy Dench

Q7. The Rhubarb Triangle

Q8. Wensleydale

Q9. Keighley

Q10. Shut the bloody door, it’s freezing.


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