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About Tai Chi Tigers

Tai Chi helps improve your health and well-being for your mind and body.  Marsha runs LifeQi and Tai Chi Tigers.  Her ethos is all about healthy exercise, a healthy way of eating, and a healthy attitude to, and with, nature, our world and all natural things. For over 30 years she has been practicing and teaching T’ai Chi & Qigong for the health and wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit. Together, or separately,  they are a world-class form of exercise for everyone.

Tai Chi has many benefits for older people inlcuding improving balance and so helping to prevent falls, reducing pain from arthritis and helping with breathing difficulties.


Ancient Tai Chi & Qigong principles guide our practice to give you improved energy levels, flexibility, balance and a stronger immune system.
No equipment is needed, no floor work and most of the sessions can be done, or adapted, for seated practice. Wear loose comfortable clothing and flat flexible footwear.

Last year I had the Virus and was very ill. What saved me was remembering the Tai Chi breathing exercises that you showed us in your classes.” David R.

About Tai Chi Tigers – How To Get Involved
Classes run every day during the week in locations around Calderdale including Hove Edge Bowling Club, All Saints Hall, St. Bernard’s Church Hall, Highgate Church Hall and St. Columba’s Church Hall.  The fee is £7 per session.

See class timetable

Marsha also runs workshops from time to time.  Contact her for more details or see the website.

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