Phoenix Shed

Venue: Three Ways Centre, Nursery Lane, Ovenden, HX3 5SX Halifax.
Facebook: The Phoenix Shed Halifax
Contact: Chris Freeman at / 07481 543881

About the Phoenix Shed
The Phoenix Shed is a place for men over the age of 55 to meet, greet and find support from each other during what life has in store.

Being a member of the Shed opens up avenues to support that would otherwise not be readily available. What makes this place special is the emotional support, camaraderie and genuine concern the members find from those running the Shed, each other and ultimately, themselves.

The Phoenix Shed – Current Activities
The Phoenix Shed offers the opportunity to its members to engage in woodwork, wood turning, joinery projects among other things.

How To Get Involved
The Shed has been operating quietly, following Covid guidelines during the past year and a half, offering what help and support it could to its members. It offered a time to reflect, take stock and prepare for the reopening.  To get involved contact us at the details above.

Membership involves an annual £20 fee and a small contribution per visit.

You don’t have to do woodwork to attend. There is a lounge where you can get a hot drink and just have a conversation.

Plans post-covid
A lot of work is currently afoot at their Threeways Centre hub and it won’t be long before you can go back to your favourite hub again!

Read more about the Shed’s activities.

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