Crew Heart Support

About CREW Heart Support
CREW Heart support provide support for people who have or recovering from a cardiac event, socials, exercise sessions and walks for people that would like to improve their cardiovascular health.

CREW Heart Support – Current Activities
We have a number of online exercise sessions every weekday. We are also running a 4 week selfcare course which will include helpful tips for sleeping, mindfulness, food to lift your mood and exercise sessions plus 3 live exercise sessions.

You can access our self-guided walks in the walking area of the website.

CREW Heart Support – How To Get Involved
To join our sessions, you will need to book through the website and be added onto our membership list. We offer a free membership or paid for membership. The paid membership gives you access to a library of exercise sessions that are safe for people with heart conditions.

CREW Heart Support plans post-Covid
From 29 March, our guided walking sessions are back. Our socials will recommence as soon as restrictions allow.  For the new guided walks visit our web page.

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