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REPORT: Best Practice Dementia Care

The Housing Learning and Improvement Network used this year’s Dementia Action Week 2019 to gather and share examples of extra care schemes and other housing related community services supporting people with dementia to develop meaningful relationships.

These relationships can reduce social isolation and loneliness. The examples provided range from informal arrangements supported by staff or other residents to formal service provision.

This compendium brings those examples together in one place, along with further examples of best practice that we received during Dementia Action Week. Colleagues also told us about the fantastic work they were doing as Dementia Friendly organisations, and we have included a section of those examples as well.

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REPORT: Root Causes of Poor Health

Beyond the NHS: Addressing The Root Causes of Poor Health

As a country we are still overly preoccupied with cure rather than prevention and it is leading to an inefficient allocation of public spending and stagnating health. There is an urgency to address the root causes of poor health and this can only be achieved by tackling the social determinants. It has been estimated that healthcare is only responsible for between 15 and 43% of health outcomes. This is the conclusion of a new report that focuses its attention on the social determinants of health, as research consistently indicates that these account for a far larger share of health outcomes.

The report looks beyond healthcare and the NHS, to investigate the social and economic conditions that can cause ill health in the first place. The report suggests that there is an urgent need to reorient health policy towards tackling the root socioeconomic causes of poor health. From poor quality housing to knife crime, from skills deprivation to in-work poverty and homelessness, the great socioeconomic challenges of our time are also our great health challenges.

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HEATING: Free Age UK Visits

Age UK Calderdale and Kirklees FREE Home Energy Visits

These visits aim to reduce people’s energy bills whilst keeping them warm and well at home by offering:

  • Practical advice about keeping warm
  • Information about winter benefits
  • Advice about smarter use of energy
  • Referral to other useful services if needed
  • Installation of free energy saving devices such as draught excluders,  radiator  panels, timers and cold alarms
  • Installation of free energy saving light bulbs

And best of all, it is all FREE

Home Visits

Age UK is working with E.ON and First Utility to provide Home Energy Visits. The aim of the visit is to deliver practical energy efficiency information and expert advice to older people. The project will enable people to change energy use behaviour and benefit from small practical measures which could potentially reduce their energy bills whilst remaining warm and well in their own homes.

How do I get a free home visit?

To qualify for the Home Energy visit you must be :

  • Over 65 and on low income (below £16,190 p.a )and /or
  • Over 65 and living with a disability or other medical condition
  • Over 65 and living in a hard to heat property.

For more information or to book your home energy check, please contact us on 01422 252040 / 01484 535994

VOTE: Community Awards

Community Spirit Awards – Vote Now!

The Community Foundation for Calderdale believes that local charities, community groups and volunteers are local heroes.

Their Community Spirit Awards celebrate the often unsung heroes who work in our community, often in extremely challenging situations.

From charities to individuals who give of their time and energy the awards highlight the people at the centre of the brilliant work being done here in Calderdale.

This is your chance to nominate your own charitable organisation or nominate a charitable organisation that has supported you.

Voting closes August 30th 2019. The awards ceremony will take place on November 21st at The Venue Barkisland.

Awarded to a charity that has delivered outstanding service to its beneficiaries, promoted and raised its cause, been clear in its goals and strategy, and demonstrated excellence, especially within the last year.

Sponsored by Riley & Co.


Awarded to a charity (registered after September 2015) that has made a demonstrable impact since its foundation, achieved awareness of its cause, mission and activities, and set the foundations of excellent management and accountability for the future.

Sponsored by Lattitude7.


Awarded to the volunteer who has displayed the greatest commitment and achievement to a charity, voluntary sector organisation or the community.

Sponsored by Snowflake Media.


Awarded to a charity or community group active in the arts (visual arts-music-film-photography-writing-drama- dance-design) which has demonstrated passion and enthusiasm in making a significant contribution to the wider community.

Sponsored by Croft Myl.


Awarded to a charity or community group for successfully developing something new or different. Areas could include supporter and/or donor engagement, putting a piece of research to good use, extending the reach of the charity or introducing a new way of working.

Sponsored by Calderdale College.


Awarded to a charity or community group on the basis of innovative approaches coupled with exceeding funding targets.

Sponsored by Value Exchange.


Awarded to an individual, school community group or charity which is having a positive impact on the community and/or raising the profile of environmental issues.

Sponsored by Pulman Steel.


Awarded to a person who has demonstrated dedication, professionalism and integrity throughout their career, and who has produced a demonstrably positive effect on the sector through their work and management over at least a 15 year period.

Sponsored by Wilby Insurance.


Awarded for a marketing campaign that used one or more of the following, social media, website/microsite, printed press, adverts, leaflets, video content, social activity campaign. May also include giveaways.

Sponsored by Town Hall Dental.


Awarded to a young person 21 years old or under, who have engaged, inspired and motivated their peers or other people in support of a social cause or initiative.

Sponsored by Calderdale Council.


REPORT: NHS Long Term Plan Survey

Earlier this year, many of our readers were involved in a Healthwatch survey about the NHS Long Term Plan.

The resulting report has now been published, and can be found here along with a response from the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Care Partnership.

The report has gone to all the key decision making boards in the region. The 5 year plan for the NHS in West Yorkshire and Harrogate has to be written by the autumn and it will include a chapter on mental health, carers, and urgent care, all the themes from the NHS Long Term Plan. So each programme lead for each of these areas is going to be asked to include a section in their chapter on how they have listened to and incorporated what people have said from the report.

And that is just the way it is being used at a West Yorkshire and Harrogate level, each local area (Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford, Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield) will also be using it to inform the development of their local plans regarding health.

If you would like to keep up to date with Healthwatch’s work, you can sign up to receive news from your local Healthwatch using the links below.

Healthwatch Kirklees

Healthwatch Calderdale

AGE UK: Volunteer Befrienders Wanted

Are you looking for a way to share your time and give something back to the community?

Age UK Calderdale and Kirklees are currently recruiting volunteer befrienders. Join them in helping older people love later life through personalised activities, friendship and getting out and about.

Contact Age UK Calderdale and Kirklees on 01422 252040 or email: for an application pack.

HEALTH: Top three cardiovascular “interventions”

An study in the journal “circulation” claims that preventable noncommunicable diseases, mostly cardiovascular diseases, are responsible for 38 million deaths annually.

However, a few well-documented interventions have the potential to prevent many of these deaths, but a large proportion of the population in need does not have access to these interventions.

The study looked at the global mortality impact of 3 high-impact and feasible interventions: scaling up treatment of high blood pressure to 70%, reducing sodium intake by 30%, and eliminating the intake of artificial trans fatty acids.

Read the full study