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ADVICE: Pensioners in Brighouse

There will be a pensioner ‘Advice and Information Fair’ on Friday 2 November, 10:00am-2:00pm at Brighouse Civic Hall, Bradford Road HD6 1RW.

Hosted by Craig Whittaker MP there will 40 different organisations attending including Calderdale Council, Together Housing, Citizens Advice and many more. It will give you a chance to find out what help, support and activities are available if you are retired or approaching retirement.


REPORT: Wheelchair Services

Calderdale CCG has published an independent report on wheelchair (posture and mobility) services in Calderdale and Kirklees.

Produced by PCAN, a Kirklees-based charity supporting parents and carers of children with additional needs, and commissioned by Calderdale, Greater Huddersfield and North Kirklees CCGs, the report gathers the views of over 450 wheelchair users and their families, schools, community groups and care professionals.

The information gathered in the report will be used to make improvements to the current NHS Posture and Mobility service across these areas, and in developing plans for a new service to be implemented from 1 October 2019.

Read the full report on the Calderdale CCG website

SAFESPACE: Weekend Support/Help

Safespace is a new out-of-hours appointment service in Calderdale, offering support for people in distress during weekend evenings.

The office at 1 King Street, Halifax HX1 1SR is open from 6:00pmon Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, with the latest available appointments at 11:00pm.

The office is opposite Woolshops car park towards Halifax Minster.

You can contact Safespace

  • by telephone on 01422 345154
  • by text on 07388 990227
  • via Facebook (search “SafeSpace Healthy Minds Calderdale”)

The team will take some basic details from you and offer one or more options:

  • Face-to-face appointment – you’ll be given a time to arrive and a worker will be ready to see you
  • Group support in a friendly, safe & supportive environment
  • Telephone support – if you can’t come to the service, a worker will call you back
  • Online support via Facebook private messaging

​You can have up to an hour with a worker – whichever way you’ve contacted us – to talk through what’s happening for you and agree next steps. If you need further help and support, the team will agree onward referrals and keep in touch with you. After one-to-one support, if you have come in person to Safespace, you can stay for a while until you feel ready to go home.

SUPPORT: Universal Credit Help

Help With Universal Credit from Calderdale Council

Calderdale Council are reminding people that they can find  support with applying for Universal Credit by visiting a Customer First office.

Important note: Complete an online self-referral form, if you have already claimed Universal Credit and you need help using the account or with budgeting.
An advisor will contact you to arrange an appointment.

The Council can offer support with;

Digital Skills

  • How to use your Universal Credit account, which will help your claim to run successfully
  • to set up an email address
  • by showing you the council’s website and other helpful sites
  • by referring you for further help through organised IT courses

Budgeting Skills

    • how to open a bank account
    • how to reduce your energy costs
    • advice on Council Tax, Council Tax Reduction, Housing and any rent arrears that you may have

SUPPORT: Healthy Minds

Healthy minds is Calderdale’s local mental health charity, led by people who have personal experience of emotional distress.

They believe that mental health is one aspect of a person’s life, not what defines them.

With kindness and respect, together they create and provide opportunities for people to understand and build on their strengths to better achieve what they want from their lives.

Get Involved:

Visit their website:

Join them for their 10th Anniversary Sponsored Walk!

ONLINE: Reporting Issues

Whilst not everyone has access to the internet, the benefits of being online are many and varied. In particular, it’s a very effective and efficient way to report various issues to official bodies. So to help you with a few of the most obvious online reporting options, here are a few crucial links to local organisations, including the police and the council.

Report it online:

INFO: Age UK information guides

Age UK’s information guides are short and easy to digest, giving an overview of the relevant topic. We’ve featured them before, but make no excuses for featuring them again as they are frequently updated and augmented and are a superb resource.

Information Guides

The information guide index (PDF 69 KB) shows Age UK’s full list of guides and their date of publication.

Money and legal

AgeUKIG02: Lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans (PDF 537 KB)

AgeUKIG03: When someone dies (PDF 436 KB)

AgeUKIG05: Avoiding scams (PDF 303 KB)

AgeUKIG21: Powers of attorney (PDF 808 KB)

AgeUKIG30: Save energy, pay less (PDF 760 KB)

AgeUKIG31: Wills and estate planning (PDF 328 KB)

AgeUKIG43: More money in your pocket (PDF 382 KB)

AgeUKIG45: Protecting yourself (PDF 508 KB)

AgeUKIG49: Attendance Allowance (PDF 338 KB)

AgeUKIG50: Pension Credit (PDF 394 KB)

AgeUKIG51:Thinking about end of life (PDF 650 KB)

AgeUKIG52: Carer’s Allowance (PDF 564 KB)

AgeUKIG53: State Pension (PDF 218 KB)

AgeUKIG54: Council Tax Support (PDF 267KB)

AgeUKIG57: Getting help with debt (PDF 227KB)

AgeUKIL8: How to be an executor (PDF 608 KB)

Health and wellbeing

AgeUKIG07: Your hospital stay (PDF 495 KB)

AgeUKIG14: Staying steady (PDF 577 KB)

AgeUKIG15: Bladder and bowel problems (PDF 538 KB)

AgeUKIG24: Healthy living (PDF 1.3 MB)

AgeUKIG27: Winter wrapped up (PDF 793 KB)

AgeUKIG32: Bereavement (PDF 1.8 MB) 

AgeUKIG47: Caring for someone with dementia (PDF 993 KB)

AgeUKIG48: Living with early-stage dementia (PDF 509 KB)

AgeUK IG55: At home with dementia (PDF 714KB)

AgeUKIG56: Your mind matters (PDF 527KB)

AgeUKIL1: Staying cool in a heatwave (PDF 101 KB)

Home and care

AgeUKIG01: Staying safe (PDF 445 KB)

AgeUKIG06: Care homes (PDF 645 KB)

AgeUKIG08: Housing options (PDF 443 KB)

AgeUKIG13: Advice for carers (PDF 492 KB)

AgeUKIG17: Adapting your home (PDF 2 MB)

AgeUKIG23: Getting help at home (PDF 385 KB)

AgeUKIL5: Care home checklist (PDF 251 KB)

AgeUKIL7: Home safety checker (PDF 342 KB)

Work and learning

AgeUKIL4: Internet security (PDF 297 KB)

Travel and lifestyle

AgeUKIG44: In the driving seat (PDF 758 KB)

AgeUKIG10: Useful contacts (PDF 681 KB)


The factsheet index (PDF 155 KB) shows our full list of factsheets and their date of publication.


FS27: Planning for your funeral (PDF 498 KB)

FS69: Water advice (PDF 326 KB)

FS82: Getting the best energy deal (PDF 761 KB)


FS5: Dental care – NHS and private treatment (PDF 447 KB)

FS16: Transgender issues and later life (PDF 570 KB)

FS20: NHS continuing healthcare and NHS-funded nursing care (PDF 1 MB)

FS37: Hospital discharge (PDF 818 KB)

FS44: NHS services (PDF 911 KB)

FS66: Resolving problems and making a complaint about NHS care (PDF 712 KB)

FS76: Intermediate care and reablement (PDF 316 KB)


FS1: Help with heating costs (PDF 609 KB)

FS2: Buying retirement housing (PDF 471 KB)

FS8: Council and housing association housing (PDF 584 KB)

FS9: Anti-social behaviour in housing (PDF 499 KB)

FS35: Tenancy rights: rent (PDF 449 KB)

FS63: Finding private rented accommodation (PDF 482 KB)

FS64: Specialist housing for older people (PDF 451 KB)

FS65: Equity release (PDF 454 KB)

FS67: Home improvements and repairs (PDF 552 KB)

FS68: Tenancy rights: security of tenure (PDF 570 KB)

FS71: Park homes (PDF 485 KB)

FS89: Homelessness (PDF 524 KB)

Income and benefits

FS12: Planning for retirement: money and tax (PDF 535 KB)

FS17: Housing Benefit (PDF 466 KB)

FS19: State Pension (PDF 508 KB)

FS21: Council Tax (PDF 344 KB)

FS34: Attendance Allowance (PDF 462 KB)

FS48: Pension Credit (PDF 508 KB)

FS49: Social Fund, Advances of Benefit and Local Welfare Provision (PDF 358 KB)

FS55: Carer’s Allowance (PDF 434 KB)

FS56: Benefits for people under Pension Credit age (PDF 503 KB)

FS61: Help with health costs (PDF 409 KB)

FS74: Challenging welfare benefit decisions (PDF 446 KB)

FS75: Dealing with debt (PDF 678KB)

FS87: Personal Independence Payment and Disability Living Allowance (PDF 493 KB)

FS91 Pension Freedom and benefits (PDF 463 KB)

FS7: Making a will (PDF 380 KB)

FS14: Dealing with an estate (PDF 507 KB)

FS22: Arranging for someone to make decisions on your behalf (PDF 642 KB)

FS25: Returning from abroad (PDF 644 KB)

FS43: Getting legal advice (PDF 653 KB)

FS62: Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (PDF 551 KB)

FS78: Safeguarding older people from abuse and neglect (PDF 584 KB)

FS72: Advance decisions, advance statements and living wills (PDF 436 KB)

FS79: Equality, discrimination and the Public Sector Equality Duty (PDF 451 KB) 

Social care

FS6: Finding help at home (PDF 496 KB)

FS10: Paying for permanent residential care (PDF 528 KB)

FS24: Personal budgets and direct payments in social care (PDF 481 KB)

FS29: Finding, choosing and funding a care home (PDF 522 KB)

FS38: Property and paying for residential care (PDF 523 KB)

FS39: Paying for care in a care home if you have a partner (PDF 419 KB)

FS40: Deprivation of assets in social care (PDF 401 KB)

FS41: How to get care and support (PDF 593 KB)

FS42: Disability equipment and home adaptations (PDF 503 KB)

FS46: Paying for care and support at home (PDF 505 KB)

FS58: Paying for short-term and temporary care in a care home (PDF 370 KB)

FS59: How to resolve problems and complain about social care (PDF 491 KB)

The I&A Catalogue (PDF 290 KB) shows their comprehensive range of free information guides and factsheets.