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  • Over-75s urged to take on BBC over free TV licences
    Silver Voices, a group for senior citizens is calling on pensioners to and those over age 60 to protest against the imposition of the licence fee. The “Gum up the Works” campaign is proposing direct action to ‘gum up …more
  • Latest scam alerts – holidays
    This is the latest West Yorkshire Trading Standards weekly update on COVID-19 related scams (13 July 2020). Holiday scams set to increase as UK lockdown is eased. Holidaymakers be warned: Several holiday scams are being …more
  • Free TV licences for over-75s ends on 31 July
    The ending of free TV licences for all people aged over 75 was due to happen on 1 June but was delayed due to the coronavirus.  The fee will now be reinstated on 1 August. This means more than three million households will be …more
  • Latest scams & how to avoid them
    This is West Yorkshire Trading Standards’ weekly update on COVID-19 related scams. Holiday scams set to increase as UK lockdown is eased. Holidaymakers be warned: Several holiday scams are being advertised on social media. …more
  • New video guide: Using Direct Payments to pay for a PA
    This webinar from the website is for anyone employing PA’s (Personal Assistants) with their Direct Payments. This video guide is focused on employers and employees for people on Direct Payments via a …more
  • Government guidance for people receiving direct payments
    The Government has published advice for people who buy care and support through a direct payment, as well as local authorities, clinical commissioning groups and those who provide care and support. Below are all the key guidance …more
  • Latest scam updates from West Yorkshire Trading Standards
    Here are the latest scam updates for West Yorkshire, published 29/6/2020. Scroll to the bottom for information on reporting scams and unwanted telephone calls. Non-compliant goods including PPE Non-compliant consignments of PPE …more
  • Thousands of married women could be missing out on pension benefits!
    Married women who reached state pension age prior to April 2016 could be missing out on additional state pension income. The MoneySavingExpert website reports this month that women whose basic state pension is less than 60% of …more
  • Scam Alerts: 15 June 2020
    Here’s a selection of the latest scams circulating in West Yorkshire and beyond. Seafood sellers in LeedsTraders in Leeds reported to be selling fish & seafood on the doorstep, using high pressure sales tactics to target …more
  • Scams – latest advice, including PPE scams
    8 June 2020: West Yorkshire Trading Standards weekly update on COVID-19 related scams. The current pandemic has seen a huge increase in the need for PPE, particularly face masks across the world. Unfortunately fraudsters have …more
  • Power of Attorney: a guide to making one
    It is still possible to make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) while observing Government guidance on social distancing, self-isolating and shielding. Making a lasting power of attorney (LPA) is an important decision that you …more
  • Scams – latest alerts in West Yorkshire
    West Yorkshire Trading Standards weekly update on COVID-19 related scams. What is happening at the moment in West Yorkshire? Reports of a rogue trading company cold calling residents to say they’ve sent a letter stating they …more
  • Scams: This week’s trends
    An update on the scams trending at the moment in West Yorkshire Anti-Scam Tips With many older people alone or in lockdown at home, the threat of scams must be taken seriously. The following have been reported: Email circulating …more
  • Scams: Spotting suspicious emails and what to do
    More advice follows on how to spot suspicious emails and what to do with them to avoid being scammed. We have all had a dodgy looking email that we have either placed in the trash or reported back to individual sites. Well did …more
  • Cash Delivery Payments For Vulnerable Via Post Office
    Cash delivery payments are now available “for the most vulnerable individuals”  due to a Post Office and Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) partnership initiative. The new cash delivery option has initially been made available …more
  • Scam updates
    What scams are trending at the moment in West Yorkshire? The weekly round-up from Yorkshire Trading Standards. Automated Scam messages from fraudsters claiming to be Amazon Prime, the call states that a trial membership was about …more
  • Citizens Advice: Energy bill guidance & support
    Here we have some really helpful guidance from Citizens Advice on reducing your energy bills. It’s estimated that average households will use 15% more energy during this lock-down period, and more energy usage means high bills. …more
  • NEWS: Beware scams in Calderdale and remain vigilant
    Scams are on the rise due to the environment created by the coronavirus lockdown. Calderdale Council has been made aware of fake emails being sent from addresses using the domain. The emails being sent come from …more
  • INFO: Money handling guidance for volunteers
    Calderdale Council have issued the following  money handling guidance for people self-isolating at home. It has been developed to ensure we all stay safe and to help us minimise the risk of exploitation during the Coronavirus …more
  • NEWS: Ask-a-friend cash access scheme extended
    Anyone who cannot leave home may be able to ask a trusted friend or volunteer to withdraw cash at any Post Office using a single-use voucher. The Post Office scheme is being extended and offered to all banks, building societies …more