There s currently a public consultation on the joint Calderdale and Kirklees Council project to improve travel between Halifax, West Vale, Elland and Huddersfield. The project focuses on improvements to walking, cycling and bus travel along the A629 corridor.

Local resdidents are being invited to review and feedback on the plans at one of the council’s accompanying events or online at

The consultation will run until 15th March, with the following drop in sessions running from 3pm to 7pm:

  • Huddersfield Town Hall, 27th February 2019
  • Halifax Town Hall, 5th March 2019



SUPPORT: Social Care Pledge

We’re backing the call for help from Age UK and their campaign to get the government to publish its long-delayed Green Paper on social care.

There are 1.4 million older people in the UK struggling without the help they need. And with the NHS losing £500 a minute as unsatisfactory levels of home care result in an overreliance on hospital care, this situation is quickly reaching breaking point.

This perfect storm of underfunding, the unmet need of some 1.4 million people aged 65+, and declining access to care services will ensure we get to that point. Back in the March 2017 Budget (8 March), help appeared to be at hand when the Government said it would publish a Green Paper on social care – making a manifesto commitment to it in that year’s subsequent General Election.

Social care refers to helping people live their everyday lives, assisting in tasks we may take for granted, such as getting up in the morning, preparing meals and washing.

Since then, however, the date of publishing has been delayed six times. ‘Summer 2017’ became the ‘end of 2017’, which was soon changed to ‘Autumn 2018’, and so on – all while older people and their families across the country struggle without the help and support they so desperately need.

At present, we’re told we can expect it “at the first opportunity in 2019”, supposedly before April. Visit the Age UK website to find out how you can share your story and help pressure the government to act on it pledge – Age Uk Website

SURVEY: Men as Parents

Men as parents survey.

Are you a male? Do you care for a child aged 5 or under? Do you live in Calderdale? Then Calderdale Council want to hear your views.

The ‘Men as Parents’ survey aims to capture the views from men who care for a child or children under the age of five e.g. dad, grandparent, uncle, brother, step dad, dad to be.

The information from this survey will help them to inform and potentially shape the development of future Calderdale Council and other partner organisations’ services, activities and groups for men who have a caring role for a child aged 5 or under in Calderdale.

Please take five minutes to share your views. Thank you!

GUIDE: Health Ageing

Get your free guides on healthy ageing

You can get copies of the Age UK and NHS England Practical guide to healthy ageing delivered to your door for free by NHS England.

This colourful A4 publication includes the ‘walking speed test’ and aims to support people to stay physically and mentally well by providing hints and tips on how to keep fit and independent. It would appeal to clients of activity classes, day centres, lunch clubs, befrienders and friendship groups.

How to order your free copies
Email orders to providing your name and contact details, address and number of guides you would like in multiples of ten. There is currently no upper limit on numbers you can order.

FIRE SERVICE: Safe & Well Visits

Safe & Well Visits…

Firefighters now spend much of their time visiting people in their homes, discussing fire safety and offering advice to eliminate or reduce the risk of a fire happening in their home. They also discuss a practical fire escape plan to make sure that if the worst does happen, the occupants can escape safely with their families.

During a Safe and Well visit, they will:

  • accompany you to assess fire safety in every room in your property
  • identify and make you aware of the potential fire risks in your home
  • make sure you know what to do in order to reduce or prevent these risks
  • discuss with you, a bed-time routine that will help keep you safe at night
  • help you put together an escape plan in case a fire breaks out in the future
  • ensure you have a working smoke alarm, and ensure you know how to test and maintain it
  • Give basic advice on topics such as:
    • Crime prevention
    • Falls prevention
    • Cold homes
    • Smoking cessation
    • Social isolation
  • assess the need for free interventions to help you reduce the risk of fire in your home
  • refer you (with your permission of course) to agencies that may offer further help to keep you safe and well.

Do they offer this service to everybody?

Not everybody will qualify for a Safe and Well visit. They assess all referrals to ensure that they are focusing their time on those who are most at risk of fire. If you are deemed as being low risk, they offer a free interactive online resource to help you conduct your own fire safety check. Once completed, you are provided with a personal advice sheet to print off or keep electronically.

To see if you are eligible for a Safe and Well visit, please complete the online request form by using this link:

Request a Safe & Well Visit

Or complete your own Home Fire Safety Check here:

Complete Your Own Fire Safety Check


HEALTH: Exercise Combats High Blood Pressure

“Swimming, walking or lifting weights in the gym ‘treats high blood pressure as well as drugs’,” reported the Mail Online, recently.

High blood pressure (also called hypertension) is common among older people and can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Many people take one or more medicines to keep blood pressure under control.

Researchers carried out a review of 391 studies and trials which had looked into the effects of either blood pressure medicines or exercise programmes on blood pressure. When they compared the effects of the 2 different interventions, they found exercise produced similar results to medicines for people with high blood pressure.

The study adds to evidence that exercise is a good way to keep blood pressure under control. However, the researchers found no studies that directly compared medicines with exercise programmes, meaning the results rely on indirect comparisons between groups of people that may have been quite different. This makes it harder to rely on the results.

As the Mail Online rightly points out, you should never stop taking a prescribed medicine for high blood pressure without first seeking advice from a health professional. But increasing your activity levels could help enhance the protective effects of any medication.

More on this story and its background can be found on the NHS website

Find out more about recommended exercise levels for adults.