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At Calderdale Forum 50 Plus, we always welcome extra support, especially new members. However, we also in the position to welcome additional members of our Committee. The role of Committee member is a voluntary one.

We are currently looking for additional Committee members with qualifications and expertise in law. A strong, united committee is essential if we are to progress as an organisation.

Below is an outline of the sort of person specification we are looking for. If you are interested, please download an application form (Word file) and send it in to us at


Purpose: It is important that those persons joining the Management Committee shall understand their duties and responsibilities. These fall into 4 broad areas :-

  • Financial Responsibility
  • Conduct
  • Decision Making
  • Accountability in accordance with the governing document and all legal and regulatory guidelines.

Key Responsibilities

Ensure that the members understand and act at all times within the constraints of the governing documents and any legal and/or regulatory requirements.

To act at all times in the best interest of the organisation and its beneficiaries maintaining absolute confidentiality on matters relating to sensitive or confidential information.

Manage and maximise all/any assets of the organisation prudently and efficiently

General  Responsibilities

Understand and be committed to the Aims and Objectives of Calderdale Forum 50+

Work with fellow members ensuring that the committee is an effective body acting in the interests of the organisation and its beneficiaries

Accept responsibility for strategic planning, policy formulation, goal setting, financial planning and monitoring and evaluating performance and service delivery

Being well briefed and informed about issues that may affect the organisation and be prepared to offer constructive and relevant contribution at meetings

Attend meetings regularly, arrive punctually, be well prepared  and be supportive of other members of the committee and having read all relevant paperwork, contribute to the discussions and the decision making process

Declare any conflict of interest as soon as it may become relevant

Accountable To

  • The Chair
  • The Management Committee
  • Outside bodies where applicable
  • The Members of Calderdale Forum 50+
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