3km Route – Rastrick

Start: The Space, Burnsall Road, Field Lane HD6 3JT

  1. Start: From the Space @ Field Lane, turn left and follow Burnsall Road to the junction with Sherburn Road.
  2. Turn right onto Sherburn Road.
  3. Just before the first houses on the left, turn left on to a path. Go through a gap in the low wall, by the red bin and cross the first field.
  4. By the large metal gate, turn right onto the clear path across the fields to your right.
  5. Look out for the metal “kissing” gate – pass through this.
  6. Make sure you follow the path bearing off to the right after the gate.
  7. Follow this path as it gets funnelled between green metal fences.
  8. Cross a children’s playground, next to the school on your right.
  9. Emerge on to the road, signposted “Oaklands” next to Rastrick High School and turn right. Follow Field Top Road (which becomes Holly Bank Road).
  10. At the junction at the top, opposite the Co-op, turn left.
  11. Then turn first right onto Malham Avenue.
  12. At the end of Malham Avenue, turn left onto Burnsall Road, which you then follow until your return to the Space @ Field Lane. Why not pop in for a hot drink or a snack?
  • This route may be muddy after heavy rain and is not suitable for wheelchair users.
  • A 30 minute walk at a typical adult walking pace.

Maps & Route Guides

To help you enjoy the three walks, we have developed a leaflet with maps of each walk and detailed step-by-step route directions. You can pick up a copy at the Space @ Field Lane, or download a copy here to print at home: 3-2-1 Walks Rastrick (PDF)