New Taster Climbing and Bouldering Course for the over 50s

Rokt, the climbing centre in Brighouse are running a new taster session and follow-on course in climbing and bouldering for the over 50s in January and February 2024.

Climbing activity is for all ages.  Rokt support people from as young as five years old to over 65.  As part of a grant funded programme they are offering a number of ‘Taster Sessions’ so that you can see if you like it.

If you’ve never tried bouldering or climbed before and not sure what to expect the ‘Taster Session’ is perfect for you! One of their experienced, climbing instructors will guide you around the centre as you have a bash at bouldering, rope climbing, and even indoor abseiling!

Whilst you will be challenged to try something new, you will not be forced to do anything you are uncomfortable with.  Our expert instructors will guide you closely and only challenge you within your capabilities.  However, you will realise very quickly you can do much more than you imagined. You will be fully warmed up with gentle stretching before starting the session.

ROKT is home to one of the UK’s largest and most unique bouldering facilities. Spread across multiple floors and chambers, the boulder problems cover a wide range of styles and grades.  So whether you’re a beginner or good at climbing, there will be something for you.  They also have rope climbing for those that have a head for heights and want to try something exciting and new.

What is bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing without ropes or harnesses on low-level walls or boulders. Don’t worry if you’re a novice, bouldering is a great way to get into climbing and we cater for every age and ability and our instructors will show you the basics and how to problem solve on the walls.  You will be amazed at how much fun it is and how good you get.

Rope climbing

They have a 21.5 metre high lead wall and several 16 metre climbing silos.  If you want to try rope climbing, their expert instructors will help you fit a harness and show you how to rope climb confidently and safely.

Fitness levels

You do not have to be really fit to start climbing or bouldering, a basic level of fitness and mobility is required to have a go.  You will be using all your muscle groups, so a relatively good range of movement/flexibility is needed.  You will be surprised at how quickly you get better, and instructors will show you how to boulder and climb safely.  If you have had any previous serious muscular injury, regularly experience dizzy spells, or have had serious heart issues, climbing and bouldering would not be recommended.

What do I wear?

Wear layers such as a t-shirt and a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms.  The centre can be cold in winter months.  They provide the climbing shoes and have lots of different sizes.  All climbing equipment is provided, including chalk.

What if I like it, can I do it again?

If you try the taster session and really enjoy it, you will have the chance to sign up to a longer climbing course.  This is completely free, it will help you get fit and at the end of the course, which is approximately 6-8 sessions you will achieve a nationally accredited climbing qualification to show the result of your efforts!

Session times

The course runs from Monday 15th January  for eight weeks until Monday 4th  March.  Sessions are from 2.15pm-3.30pm

Following this course there will be the chance to sign up to their social health and wellbeing climbing which takes place each Wednesday afternoon from 2.30pm-4pm and this is completely free.

For more information and pictures of the centre take a look at ROKT Foundation Facebook

To book email or call 01484 937 180

ROKT Foundation is a charity based in Brighouse that provides ‘Active Urban Adventure’ to improve the body and mind.

They deliver lots of programmes to help not only physical but mental health and wellbeing.  Physical activity and climbing in particular are proven as excellent ways to make you feel good and improve your mindset.



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