Video: The New Changing Places Facility At Halifax Bus Station

Local charity, Disability Partnership Calderdale, recently produced this handy video which takes a detailed look at the Changing Places room which is close to the Woolshops entrance.

Changing Places facilities are aimed at providing high levels of accessibility and will usually include a toilet, sink, shower, hoist and adult changing bench, all adaptable through height adjustments and located in a spacious room.

The Halifax Bus Station Changing Places room is available to everyone, during bus station opening hours, not just bus users. Because of the risk of vandalism, the room is kept locked, but the bus station staff (identifiable in yellow tabards) will unlock it promptly on request. If you can’t find help, you can go straight to the ticket office where they are in contact with other staff by radio.

Changing Places facilities are available across the UK – find where there are on their website

Calderdale has two new Changing Places, in Todmorden (at the College) and Ogden Reservoir visitor centre, plus the Orange Box young person’s centre, the Square Chapel theatre and Eureka children’s attraction.

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