Is Your Shed Secure?

The police are reporting a number of burglaries to garages, sheds and outbuildings in the Calderdale area. The main items they are taking are food items, bikes, and power tools.

They encourage everyone to review their security by considering the following points:-

    • Do you have good locks? How do you know they are good locks? Are they Sold Secure or SBD approved?
    • Is the condition of the Garage/Shed/Outbuilding in good order? Have you any loose/rotten panels? Is the roof in good condition?
    • Can the hinges be easily unscrewed? Are they secured with coach bolts?
    • Have you stored expensive items in there? We encourage them to be kept in the house, if this isn’t possible then are they secured down with Sold secure Ground anchors and chains?
    • Have you registered your bikes on Bike Register, which can be found at Did you know we are currently registering a limited number of Bikes for free? Get yours done quick by contacting your local Crime Prevention officer.
    • If you aren’t sure of any of the above questions, then have you considered contacting your friendly Local Crime Prevention Officers? They are more than happy  to visit your home to conduct a FREE security check on both your homes and outbuildings. They can be contacted on
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