November Macular Society Newsletter

You can read the Macular Society’s latest newsletter here – below are the headlines and snippets from the main stories:

Proposals to transform eye care to be unveiled to politicians
Recommendations for a national plan to improve eye care services across the UK will be presented to MPs in Parliament next month. You can help raise awareness of the issues facing ophthalmology by inviting your MP along to hear more.

Macular disease under the spotlight at Conservative conference
We attended the Conservative Party Conference last month to speak on behalf of all of you living with macular disease. Our director of research Dr Peter Bloomfield took part in a panel discussion to highlight the need to improve healthcare, especially for people living with sight loss.

“You have to try and remain connected and appreciate what you’ve got”
With her mother in the late stages of dementia and her brother revealing he had terminal cancer, Geraldine admits she had little time to process the news that she had the early stages of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Six years on, Geraldine shares how counselling, together with the support of her family, and her local group have helped her.

“My white cane is absolutely essential – I wouldn’t be without it”
When Julia and Irene step out of their front doors, they do so with an air of confidence – and it’s all thanks to their white canes. Not only has this handy aid helped give them confidence with their sight loss, it’s also become indispensable as it guides them through each of their days.

What role does our immune system play in the development of AMD?
Professor David Kavanagh from Newcastle University joins us for our first My Macular and Me webinar of the month to discuss his three-year research project, which aims to find a treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Understanding photopsia and photophobia in Stargardt disease
Flashing lights in vision (photopsia) or discomfort due to bright light or glare (photophobia) is often experienced by patients with Stargardt. Omar Mahroo, consultant ophthalmomologist and professor of retinal neuroscience at University College London, and his colleague Dr Matteo Rizzi will join our second My Macular and Me webinar this month to discuss their latest research on this little-understood topic.

Winter Warmers are back by popular demand!
Our programme of entertaining, weekly calls returns this winter to bring comfort and friendship into your home during the longer, colder nights. This year’s speakers range from record-breaking English Channel swimmer Sian Williams, to bomb disposal officer and author Lucy Lewis.


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