Age Action Alliance Newsletter

The age action Alliance’s newsletter is an excellent read – you can view the latest edition here

Here are just a few of their headlines:

Age UK: “Care Quality Commission report paints alarming picture”
The charity has responded to the Care Quality Commission’s (CQC’s) annual assessment of the state of health & adult social care in England looking at the quality of care over the past year. Click to read more

Providing health care, social care, community support and housing for older people: a good practice model
Some thirty years ago, writes Peter Dale, the Rye Winchelsea and District Memorial Hospital in East Sussex was threatened with closure. Today, it is an example of what can be achieved by a combination of professional collaboration, community involvement and a willingness to “join the dots” between services. Click to read more

Why are the numbers of care residents with dementia increasing?
Why are there more residents with dementia in care homes and how does that impact on the care homes themselves? By Professor June Andrews. Click to read more

Housing charity “on a mission to fix care for all”
Methodist Homes (MHA), the largest charity care provider in the UK, is on a mission to “fix care for all”. Their Campaigns and Public Affairs Officer, Luke Buckland, explains how you can help support their aims. Click to read more

Shortage of the right size homes “has left too many older people in unsuitable homes that can harm their health”
New analysis by ILC UK confirms significant numbers of older adults are stuck in homes larger than they need – with little to tempt them to move.
Click to read more

Taxpayers pay more for annual maintenance of Houses of Parliament than rest of the country’s homes combined
A new report, from the Centre for Ageing Better and the Healthier Housing Partnership, details for the first time the decline in government funding for home improvement support over the past decade.
Click to read more

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