New: The Warm Home Discount (WHD) Helpline

The Warm Home Discount (WHD) helpline opened for calls from 16 October:

0800 030 9322

The WHD provides a £150 rebate onto electricity bills for eligible low-income households in Great Britain.

Scheme reforms mean that different rules apply in England, Wales and Scotland. Eligibility is determined by an individual’s circumstances on the qualification date (13 August 2023). Recipients of the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit will be eligible for a WHD in England, Wales and Scotland if they are a named account holder with a participating electricity supplier.

Recipients of other means-tested benefits, including Tax Credits, may also be eligible for a WHD in England and Wales if they meet the Government’s criteria relating to home energy costs (determined by property characteristics). Letters will be issued to eligible and potentially eligible people by mid-January with more information.

People living in Scotland and in receipt of certain other benefits may be able to claim a discount direct from their energy supplier.

See the Warm Home Discount Scheme for more information.

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