Get Online Week – Solutions To Digital Exclusion

It’s #GetOnlineWeek! An annual campaign that aims to help find solutions to digital exclusion.

If you’re already online, this week, you can help your loved ones get online too by directing them to Get Online Week’s fantastic free courses.

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Do you know someone who needs help getting online, accessing digital devices, or developing their IT skills?
Calderdale Council website has lots of useful information and support if you don’t have digital devices, internet access, or basic IT skills.
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Free Internet Browsing

Digital exclusion impacts people’s ability to look for employment, access essential services and training, and learn what support they can access.

All Calderdale residents can browse the internet for free at any of Calderdale libraries.

More information at

Digital Skills & Literacy Course

Do you or someone you know need extra support with online safety and staying connected?
Good Things Foundation run ‘Learn My Way’, a beginner’s digital skills andliteracy course!
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Lloyds Free Digital Inclusion Course

Did you know that Lloyds Bank offer a free bespoke digital inclusion course? It helps people with online banking, setting up an email address, booking a doctor’s appointment and more.
Do you know someone who could benefit from it, this #GetOnlineWeek?
Call 0345 222 0333 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) for free to book.

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