Nationally Significant Wind Farm Proposal for Calderdale

You may have seen in the news this week that plans for a major onshore wind farm on Walshaw Moor near Hebden Bridge are in the process of being submitted by Calderdale Wind Farm Ltd. Planning applications for onshore wind power are dealt with by the Local Planning Authority, which in this case is Calderdale Council. Here’s what the council has to say about the proposal:

“A planning application of this scale must include a formal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and is subject to extensive consultation, including with statutory consultees such as Natural England and the Environment Agency, as well as local residents and businesses. We’ll also contact our neighbouring councils in West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester for their views. The starting point for assessing the planning application is Calderdale’s Local Plan, which was adopted in March 2023, together with statements of national planning policy. The Council’s Planning Committee will then consider the application and make a decision. For more information about the proposals visit Calderdale Wind Farm – Calderdale Wind Farm”

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