Report: Older Persons’ Charity Says We Need To Invest in Homes

The Centre for Ageing Betting is reporting that currently, 3.5 million homes in England pose a serious threat to their occupants’ health and safety because of trip hazards, lack of adequate facilities, and dangerous levels of cold and damp.

Here’s what the Centre for Ageing Better says about this, with a link to a report into the issues:

“Some people would argue that we cannot, as a nation, afford to do anything about this in the current economic climate.  But they are wrong. Investing in our homes would make houses safer and save lives. It can also deliver substantial economic growth from a relatively small investment and create thousands of jobs. This is the central argument contained in our important report with Demos, published yesterday, which shows why home improvements are so important and how they would contribute to the economic challenges facing the country.”

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