Dementia Sufferer Pete and his Robotic Cat

Almost all of us will know someone who has been impacted by Dementia, either directly or indirectly and the devastating impact that this can have on families and friends.

Pete, a 67-year-old from Halifax, received his diagnosis of dementia 8 years ago. This news was incredibly hard for Pete’s family, especially for his wife, Jen, who became his full-time carer.

Over the years, as Pete’s dementia progressed, he and Jen found support through the Carers Wellbeing Service Calderdale (Making Space) and Calderdale Dementia Hub.

Earlier this year, Pete found a new comfort, thanks to the Carers Wellbeing Service, in the form of a robotic cat which he named “My Lovely.”

You can read the full story of Pete and his robotic cat on the VSI website.

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