Introducing Bluebird Care

We’re delighted to welcome Bluebird Care Calderdale as our latest partner, helping to support the work of Calderdale Forum 50 Plus and sharing their knowledge and expertise in the field of home care. In this, the first of a series of guest blogs, Bluebird’s Chief Executive, Shabir Hussain (pictured), talks about their work and how they provide care.

In our experience, for many people, the question of care doesn’t arise until there is a need. This often happens quite suddenly and home care is usually the first port of call when an individual or family is looking for support.

Why Home Care?

At Bluebird, we believe that the best care is delivered in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by the people and the things that matter to you. Care at home is very flexible and cost effective and can involve as much or as little support as you need.

We firmly believe that every individual is unique and so are their needs when it comes to care and support. We offer a very flexible service which supports you to stay at home by providing for your specific needs.

The Personal Touch

As well as giving you the chance to continue to enjoy the comforts and reassurance of your own home, our home care service is also built on creating bonds with our customers. We often find that our care assistants become trusted companions and friends whom you welcome into your home.

All our care assistants are trained to a high standard and we encourage them to build strong and empathetic relationships with our customers and their families and friends.

A Range Of Caring Options

If we look at the care we offer in a bit more detail, there are a number of ways in which we can help.

Amongst the tasks we often undertake are helping you to start the day: this may involve supporting you through getting up, getting washed and dressed and then having a good breakfast.

We can also support you with your medications, whether it be reminding you when they are due, helping you to actually take them, or collecting or returning medication from your GP or pharmacy.

Many of our clients need support with meals, so our care assistants can prepare these for you, along with household support with laundry, ironing and keeping your home clean and tidy.

Independence, in and out of your home

Whilst we support you to maintain independence in your own home, we can also help you on outings.

These can be for practical reasons – such as collecting your pension with (or for) you, putting shopping lists together and helping you to shop and then putting your shopping away. We can also do your shopping for you, if you prefer.

But they can also be for social reasons and we support our customers with social activities, such as attending day centres, local clubs, visiting friends and family, or going to church or just going out for a walk.

Personal Care

Personal care is another important area of support that our care assistants can provide. This can range from helping you with bathing to organising clean clothes and fresh bedding. Bedtime is a key part of the day and it’s reassuring for some customers to have one of our carers preparing a meal before bedtime and then actually supporting them in the process of getting ready for bed.

For your peace of mind, on leaving the care assistants check all windows and doors to ensure your home is secure for the night.

These are all examples the things that can really make a difference, especially at the end of a long day.

Taking That First Step

So, if you’re thinking about home care for yourself or a loved one, we are very happy to help. Remember, home care with Bluebird can range from a 30-minute care visit, right through to 24-hour live-in care. It might be that little bit of extra support you need to keep things ticking over, or a full range of support throughout your day.

Above all else, we aim to support you in remaining as independent as possible and living the lifestyle you choose.

To get things moving, either call us on 01422 230 055, or email us on and we’ll arrange to come round for a face-to-face chat. We will then work with you to put together a care package that is tailored to your unique needs!

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