Driving & Travel Advice For Older People

The older person’s website, Independent Age, has a couple of really helpful advice sections on the theme of travel, driving ang generally getting about the place. We’ve go link to these below:

Getting around

Getting out and about can be difficult as you get older, especially if you’re disabled or you have a long-term health condition that affects your mobility. Our webpage Getting around more easily |Independent Age lets you know what help is available for everything from shopping to travelling abroad.

Our factsheet Help with getting around | Independent Age focuses more on the support available to people with disabilities. It covers practical things, like how to get a Blue Badge and useful organisations to contact.

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Driving In Later Life

Driving can help to keep you connected and independent in later life. Our webpage Driving in later life | Independent Age has advice on how to stay safe on the roads for longer, getting help if you’re physically disabled and much more.

If you’re worried about your driving, we have a Driving Checklist | Independent Age which can help you decide whether it’s time to get a second opinion on your driving.

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