Report: British Society of Gerontology’s annual conference


The Centre for Ageing Better’s Senior Evidence Manager, Dr Aideen Young, has written a report looking back on what she learnt at this year’s British Society of Gerontology’s annual conference.

  • Ageism is a hot topic in the research community focusing on ageism and later life. Researchers pointed out the existence of ageism in places, health systems, home and care technologies, and even in research itself.
  • We must consider the impact of COVID-19 on older people and perceptions of ageing. Action is needed both to reverse the social damage done by the pandemic and to prepare for future public health emergencies.
  • Older adults’ contributions are vital in tackling climate change. Older people often have more time for civic engagement and volunteering, as well as relevant experience.
  • Giving older people an active role in designing and developing research projects can be very powerful.

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