‘Pelvic Floors and Knowing More’ Health Education Event

Maintaining a healthy pelvic floor helps prevent common problems in later life.

At this FREE health education event, Chartered Physiotherapist Jen Redfern will cover pelvic floor anatomy, common problems such as incontinence, prolapse and menopause-related issues as well as how to help. There is lots to know and lots you can do.
The event is on Wednesday 19th July at 11.45am – 1pm in the downstairs studio at The Studio Rooms, 11 St James Street, HX1 5SU. 
Bookings required, though you don’t need to have an issue to come! There will be an opportunity to ask questions along the way (and confidentially too). To book your place contact: hello@plushealthcompany.co.uk 
They are asking for donations to Overgate Hospice fundraiser  in lieu of a fee to attend.
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