Talks At The Square Chapel in July

The Square Chapel in Halifax has a great selection of talks coming up in July, check them out:

Weapon of Choice – 5 July
An afternoon of puzzling out the toxic clues used by the Queen of Crime, Dame Agatha Christie, in her bestselling detective stories.

Where Have All the Women Gone? 11 July
Self-Portraits of Women – Presented by The Arts Society, Halifax. Why did women artists celebrated in their own time subsequently disappear from mainstream art history?

Thrills ‘n’ Spills: Yorkshire Speedway with Alan Beadle – 12 July
A journey through the history of Speedway in Yorkshire.

Swept Under the Carpet: The Forgotten Story of Astronomers Edward Crossley and Joseph Gledhill – 19 July
Discover a different side to the story of Crossley’s Carpets

Ramble through the Solar System – Presented by Martin Lunn – 26 July
Let’s take a journey to explore our local star, the Sun, together with the eight planets of the solar system.

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