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Working together on the issues that matter

A great selection of stories from AAA members to offer you this time around – an eclectic mix of news, knowledge and opinions that will (hopefully) foster more cross sector awareness and collaboration on the bigger issues affecting the lives of older people. We also know of lots of networking going on as members find out about the work of others in their field.

You’ll find the website from where these stories are garnered is now a unique later life resource fuelled by a raft of organisations across the private, public and third sectors, as well as older people themselves… and if YOU have something to share, just drop me an email.

There’s an unashamed focus on financial issues today, as a large (and growing) cohort of older people find themselves on the wrong end of rampant inflation, together with interesting research on why access to the High Street is an issue preventing those who DO have money from shopping. Anyone who has ever needed a loo in a town or city centre will empathise with that.

Some great insights into the long-term impacts of Covid come from the Tunbridge Wells Older People’s Forum, together with expert analysis on why the chronic social care staffing shortage, and the impact that is having upon older informal carers, isn’t going to go away without a major switch in strategy. We also publish a great “business case” for employing older workers.

What these and other burning issues demonstrate is that – with the next General Election on the horizon – “soon” would be a good time to go to the political parties with thought-through and costed solutions to try and influence their manifestos… ideally from collaborative groups which truly speak for all of those with “skin in the game”.

Collaborating on solutions

Talking of which, our pensioner poverty research project is shaping up nicely and we hope to generate some positive ways in which those in greatest financial precarity can be encouraged and enabled to claim the benefits and allowances to which they are entitled. We’d love to do more research work, on later life employment and housing particularly, and if anyone reading this wants to get involved or to help fund work that could inform their policies and services, please get in touch with me at

We would also (warmly!) welcome some sponsors for our website and daily newsletters – a recent copy of which you can find here:  And you can see our ever-expanding list of members here:

Tony Watts OBE, Editor

Money matters

Report highlights financial plight of “hidden two million”
A new report from Independent Age shows the hidden reality of facing financial hardship in later life and explores the groups of older people most likely to be affected.

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Age Action Alliance launches free 2023/24 guide to care fees planning

An updated version of the hugely popular “Basics of care fees planning guide”, first launched at the end of 2022, is now available.

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Financial fears, access barriers prevent one third of over 60s from spending

A new report published by the leading think tank on demographic change, the International Longevity Centre (ILC), pinpoints an increasing economic trend among people aged 60 and over in the UK.

“No end to the nighmare in sight”: charities respond to Ofgem’s price cap

Charities are expressing their concerns that – despite the reduction in average energy bills as from July – many pensioner households will face real hardship in the months ahead.

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Social & digital inclusion

Report from older people’s forum lays bare the ongoing impact of Covid

A new report from the Tunbridge Wells Older People’s Forum (TWOPF) offers a snapshot of members’ views, one year after Covid-19 restrictions have largely ended, and reflects on the views, hopes and concerns of the respondents who participated in a survey about what the “new normal” could and should look like.
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Health &Care

Prevention and a skilled workforce are key to the future of social care

Sam Monaghan, the CEO of MHA, sets out the key ways in which we can address the crisis in the social care system… including recognising, rewarding and retaining the people already working in it.
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1.5 million older unpaid carers “under strain”

Age UK has highlighted the plight of unpaid older carers who shoulder an enormous amount of responsibility, often without the support they need and has called on Government to provide more support.
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Relief as Government keeps NHS prescription upper age exemption at 60

The government has confirmed the prescription charge upper age exemption will remain at 60, citing cost of living pressures as a key reason behind the decision.
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Later life employment

High inflation means that “The Great Unretirement” may prove costly

New Age UK research shows how the cost of living crisis is upending some people’s retirement plans and their prospects of a comfortable standard of living in the years to come.

New guide sets out the business case for employing older workers

As part of an Employers Guide to “Best Practice in Age and Employment”, from the London-based later life employment consultancy Wise Age, the authors set out the benefits of harnessing the talents of older people within their workforce.
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Later life housing

Upcoming webinar explores the health and social benefits of homesharing

If you’d like to know more about the financial, wellbeing and intergenerational benefits of homesharing, then why not drop into a webinar being hosted by AAA members Two Generations on Tuesday July 11 2023 at 10:00 am.
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