Piece Hall Music – A Night at The Movies

July 22nd

Join the Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra on a journey through classic film soundtracks from Hollywood’s golden age of cinema through to today’s modern greats.

Music can make a film; from the sweeping African savannah conjured up by the opening to Born Free, the high paced, industrial intensity of Danny Elfman’s Batman scores to the orchestral grandeur of John William’s galaxy far, far away music is a central part of the story telling and world creating magic of cinema.

Experience the beauty and wonder of film soundtracks magnified many times over by hearing them played live by a full symphony orchestra joined by soloists with international reputations.

Prepare to encounter lions, pirates, pilots, spies, cowboys, boxers, sinking ships, pop bands and space battles as the music takes listeners straight back to the moment they first heard it.

Expect some of the most iconic pieces ever written, performed in our iconic courtyard by Yorkshire’s own symphony orchestra.

Tickets from £15 – book here

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