Simple Advice To Make Technology Help with Daily Life

The older person’s charity Independent Age have come up with this great guide:

Hearing Loss

Your hearing can change throughout your life. This can happen gradually and you may not notice if it does. Getting regular hearing checks, even if you think your hearing is fine, is always a good idea. It’s also good to know there is plenty of help available if you need it, and a range of devices that can make living with hearing loss easier and safer. Check out our webpage Help with hearing loss | Independent Age to find out more about this and other essential information.

Adapting your devices for easy use

Most smartphones, tablets and computers come with accessibility features. These let you change settings to make them easier to use if you have sight, sound or mobility needs.

You can make text bigger so it’s easier to read, use your voice to control your device or connect it with a hearing aid. There are also easy-use devices and gadgets available if you need these.

For more information, visit our web page Adapting devices for easy use | Independent Age.

Want to improve your digital skills?

If you want to get more confident online and improve your digital skills, you can access Hi Digital – free online resource. Hi Digital includes step-by-step courses on a variety of digital topics. To find out more, visit our website Hi Digital – bridging the digital divide | Independent Age. Get started with the “Hi Digital” course

Tech advice just a call away with the Digital Skills Helpline

The Digital Skills Helpline is a new free helpline created by Vodafone that you can use if you need tech assistance and advice. This is part of Vodafone’s campaign to help more people get online. You don’t need to be a Vodafone customer to access this support – it’s available to everyone and free to call from any UK mobile or landline.

The trained advisers can help people gain valuable skills, such as setting up a phone or tablet, connecting to the internet, using online banking and money-saving tools, as well as learning to communicate with friends and family using email and messaging services.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this, read this article: Tech advice just a call away with the Digital Skills Helpline (

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