Key information on debt advice

Debt can happen to anyone and for all sorts of reasons. In the current cost of living crisis, it is becoming increasingly common. If you – or somebody you know – are struggling with debt, it’s important to remember that help is available and you are not alone.

It’s never too late to sort out your debts. The website Independent Age has an excellent advice page Help if you’re in debt | Independent Age to find out where you can get free support and how debt advice services can help you.

You can also contact their Helpline and speak to one their friendly advisers, who will be able to direct you towards debt help and other support.

Their Benefits calculator | Independent Age can help you find out what benefits you may qualify for. The calculator is free to use and the details you provide are anonymous.

You can also call their Helpline for a benefits check or advice on how to apply. Read more about the support available for older people, including disability allowances, grants from charities and help if you’re on a low income at Benefits | Independent Age.

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