Blog: End of Life Care

Dying well at home: three things I’ve learnt about working with patients, carers and families in end-of-life care

In this blog King’s Fund researcher Loreen Chikwira shares three points she learnt from The King’s Fund project on end-of-life care about the importance of commissioners collaborating with patients, carers and families.

In the project, we explored how NHS and local authority commissioners in England measure and assure the quality of the end-of-life care for people who die at home and how they identify and tackle inequalities in commissioning services. As part of the project, we held a focus group and workshop with families and carers who cared for a loved one during the pandemic. From our research we are clear that commissioners must engage with a diverse range of patients, carers, families and the wider population to understand their needs. More importantly, commissioners must ensure that people with lived experience of end-of-life care are involved in designing interventions to improve care quality.

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