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How many older people are about to lose the vote?

For reasons best known to the Government, new rules around voter ID will come into force at the May local elections. But where does that leave the two million voters – many of them older people – who don’t have photographic ID?
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Health, Care & Wellbeing

People ageing without children: out of sight, out of mind?

There’s a widespread assumption that family will support their relatives as they age. But what happens to those without children? Robin Hadley, one of the founders of Ageing Without Children, explains the challenges, not least of which is a lack of data.
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Carers are taking more of the strain

Now more than ever, writes author and consultant Deborah Stone, it is essential to recognise the pressure being placed on family carers of older people. That means it’s time to look hard at alternative solutions, as well as families having meaningful conversations at the right time…
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Money matters

Are you/your parents claiming your full entitlements?

With benefits and allowances increasing from this month, now is the ideal time to make sure you, or the people you care for, are claiming everything to which they are entitled. A very helpful piece from AAA members Age Space.
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Member profiles

How intergenerational living can support independence in the home

For many older people, writes Justin Dewhirst of new AAA members Two Generations, one of their most important wishes is to live in their own home for as long as possible. Sharing their home with a younger person is one way to do just that.
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Why ignoring the over 50s will cost your business dearly

The over 50s are becoming a powerful workforce demographic that businesses would be foolish to ignore, writes Steve Butler, CEO of Punter Southall Aspire.
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The role of housing in meeting the challenge of dementia

In West Yorkshire, a dedicated task force is building an understanding of older people’s housing and care needs with the aim of keeping them in their own homes for longer, writes Yvonne Castle, CEO of Johnny Johnson Housing.
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Regular tests for older drivers… sensible or ageist?

Rarely a week seems to go by when the call goes up for older drivers to be made to take regular eye tests, retake their test or be taken off the roads completely. Reasonable… or ageist? asks Tony Watts OBE.
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