Results: Our 2023 Accessibility Survey

Calderdale Forum 50 Plus Accessibility Survey February – March 2023

Introduction: This survey was posted on the Calderdale Forum 50 Plus website and shared via social media and email newsletter during February and March 2023. The survey consisted of ten questions exploring the issues of access and accessibility in the everyday lives of older people in Calderdale. Seventy four submissions were received. Here are the results of the survey.

Download PDF of accessibility survey

Q1 – How easy or difficult is it to get to and from the shops for your food shopping and other essential shopping (pharmacy etc)?


“Other” answers:

·        I have a problem getting on and off busses, if I could manage that the E1 little community bus would be sufficient for me.

·        I’m a car owner so access is fine

·        I can currently walk to shop but wont be able to as eyesight gets worse

·        It’s easy. I can drive myself and are not reliant on others

·        I need buses, but I’m fully mobile, so it’s OK

·        I rely on the help of others or have things delivered

·        No problem while I can drive. When I can’t I will have food delivered.

·        No transport. Buses or taxis

·        I cant walk far so i have too be taken were i need to go

·        The distance is fine but carrying shopping back up the hill is not


Q2 – How easy or difficult is it for you to access healthcare including GP appointments, dentist and other healthcare services? Note this question is about physical access/transport to and from venues and access inside buildings, rather than availability of appointments.

“Other” answers:

·        As previously mentioned, the community bus goes past the door but mobility issues mean I have to take a taxi

  • Its currently managable however, as eyesight deterioates it will be impossible to get there.
  • I can only get to the surgery by taxi or if a relative takes time off work to drive me there. This would apply to any of the GP’s surgeries.
  • Again, I need buses but I’m mobile so it’s OK
  • I have an agreement with surgery to use the email facility to message Dr or book a telephone appointment. Having problems with hearing doesn’t help but Dr is aware and takes that into consideration.
  • I have to arrange hospital transport or not gol
  • Ok while I can drive.
  • Taxis
  • If I have to attend the surgery, it’s 2 buses away. Can mean best part of an hour if no connection. Going to HRI not good for bus-users … no shuttlebus forpatientsnow. So 3 busrides each way for me … no good..
  • I use email and a medical assistant visits me then they contact surgery and either take a photo or type out the information or both


Q3 – How easy or difficult is it for you to access social & leisure activities, parks and rural areas?

“Other” answers:

·        I dont go to these.

·        This only applies to rural areas, anything else would need public transport

·        I can’t as I’m unable to use the bus now for several reasons due to mobility and bus times

·        I could only access in a wheelchair if someone took me.

·        Ok while I can drive.

Q4 – How do you usually get about?


Q5 – Which of the following accessibility issues cause you most concern? (you can tick more than one)


Other answers:

·        Frequency of buses. They are unreliable

·        People taking up disabled parking spots WITHOUT a blue badge

·        Unreliable and insufficient public transport

·        I haven’t got the confidence to get out on my own

·        Parking as my disability will be fixed within 1-3 years so I don’t qualify for a disabled Blue Badge

·        Having to walk long distances I.e. hospital corridors.

·        cars etc parked on pavements

·        Dark walkways at night time. Buses missing

·        Access to single sex public toilets

·        Because of my problems getting around due to limited mobility I have to use the access bus for shopping because they help getting shopping on and off the bus and to my door. I need a free hand but use crutches.


Q6 – Would you describe yourself as having any of these issues or concerns?

·        Both mobility and hearing

·        Hearing and visually impaired

·        I have 3 of the above problems, mobility, vision & hearing problems, as well as agoraphobia.

·        And mobility restrictions

·        Nervous crossing roads having been knocked down in the last two years

·        Anxiety at times

·        Back problems that can affect walking longer distances

·        Carer for someone with all the anove

·        Difficulty with walking up steep hills

·        Mobility and hearing impaired


Q7 – How easy or difficult it it for you to access information & services online


“Other” answers:

·        I have to keep searching internet

·        I dont have a computer or smart phone

·        I suffer from dyslexia and dyscalculia

Q8 – Please tell us about any specific accessibility issues you have or places which are difficult for you to visit or access in Calderdale?

·        It’s often difficult for me to get home from Hebden Bridge to Heptonstall. I rely on the 596 bus service and it is unreliable. Frequently late or cancelled. Many of their buses are extremely old and break down regularly. The drivers are lovely though.

·        Several shops in Brighouse ( solicitors is one) have high unmanageable steps

·        MAnor Park, Maurice Jagger centre

·        Our bus service in Copley village is very hit and miss It has been very cold waiting in a bus shelter hoping a bus is going to turn up

·        The reduction in bus services where I live has made getting around more difficult and more isolating.

·        Unable to read notices anywhere or bus timetables

·        Overall the bus service from claremount can be hit and miss and last year the road from halifax to bradford was closed at least 3 times

·        Halifax town center. In the 4 and half years ive lived here i have only been in the town center a few times. Parking is difficult as blue badge spaces are usually taken by able bodied drivers as they know these parking spaces are not monitored or patrolled.

·        Normally I walk everywhere, however when unable to do it’s very difficult to access GPs and dentist (two buses or taxi). Railway station is a bus plus walk due to lack of full day parking in area.

·        More toilets i have IBS toilets are never close to hand.

·        Having disabled parking nearer to services and attractions

·        Getting into town is a challenge

·        When I travel by bus and there is nowhere to sit. I have a problem standing for any length of time. I also have a problem walking uphill in the town centre and have to stop frequently. There is often nowhere to sit on the side roads between Market St and Commercial St and I have to lean against a wall.

·        Access difficulties for me are mainly due to lack of public transport.
No pharmacy near me , no swimming pool for excercise , no greengrocers so depend on public transport. Lack of it and its unreliability limits my activity and can keep me more housebound.

·        Due to my mobility problems, I have trouble getting up & down any stairs/steps. Walking any distance including anything with a slight incline/slope or gradient. When I do manage to get out I have to have someone with me as I have had quite a few falls too.

·        None

·        I can’t get out except for shopping once a week with the access bus, the help with the shopping from getting it onto the bus at Tesco to getting it of when I arrive back home

·        I have nursed a bad knee after a fall 6 years ago. Over last 12 months my walking ability has worsened and I need to park as near as possible to where I am going due to difficulties walking. I have only just been referred for Knee replacement surgery so it will be another 6-9 months before my knee is operated on. I live alone and feel there is a need for temporary parking passes for those who cannot walk. I use crutches to get around.

·        I live in Railway Bridge View extra care house. Some of the paths from there to Brighouse yown centre are too narrow for wheelchair

·        No issues catch bus or drive

·        with me having a disability I don’t go out much because I find it hard to walk a long distance so I end up pushing myself

·        No issues

·        Living in Copley we have no shops and the bus are hit and miss

·        Due to the lack of bus service from where I live, I have to use the car far more than I want to which is not conducive to improving the enviroment and maintaining public services. Train strikes have also stopped me seeing loved ones further afield during the winter and at Christmas. I would gladly use the trains more often if they build the long promised train station in Elland. At present more and more people are being pushed into using roads in private vehicles when you are elderly. This is not the time to be forced onto the road.

·        Hospital appointments. The Blue badge is wonderful if there’s any spaces?

·        I need to sit down frequently, this is not always possible

·        Would love to use the bus for more journeys but these are only hourly and not reliable. The bus only goes to Halifax, but my gp is in Mytholmroyd or Hebden Bridge and I prefet to shop in Hebden Bridge (the opposite direction).

·        Most places are difficult due to the lack of parking and gaining access to and from my vehicle as I have rear entry to get my wheelchair and other cars tend to block my access.

·        none

·        wanted to go to art classes but couldn’t because it was too far to walk and would take too long to catch a bus into town and then to venue

·        paving, footpaths and road surfaces are appalling within Calderdale

·        None.

·        There is a lack of free parking if you want to go into Tod town centre. Plus the side roads / on street parking which makes getting to certain shops easier (they are not directly by Bramsche square) are always busy at various times of day.
I wish the walk down the canal towards Walsden from Golden lion was much safer. Always full of mud and slippy, can be an unpleasant walk.

·        Although I am not personally affected, I am aware that there are issues for people accessing King Cross now that the bus routes have been diverted.
In addition, Central Library is more difficult to access when the Piece Hall is closed. It requires a much longer walk from town and hills to negotiate

·        I am unwilling to use mixed-sex toilets or changing rooms in public places, shops etc. Separate facilities based on sex are needed. Privacy is vital or people will be deterred from venturing out.

·        I live in Todmorden but my daughter goes to BRGS and there is NO PUBLIC TRANSPORT – wish there was cross border cooperation

·        I am very uncomfortable using mixed sex toilets

·        I have continence problems and I find a decreased number of public/available loos. Often have to use a cafe. There’s also increased unisex toilets that are often disgusting – urine on seats and floor- toilet brush not used etc. bring back single sex loos.

·        I need help getting to see my doctor, my dentist and eye checks as well as getting to hospital appointments and A&E


Q9 – Do you have any specific accessibility requirements that you would like to tell us about?

·        I need a companion to assist with my Walker as it needs two hands getting on and off buses and so I use the access bus as the drivers help with my shopping at the home end.

·        Halifax Calderdale Huddersfield Hospitals. Once agIn technology has to e used in order or you to make yourself known.

·        Even though I live in a rural area I cannot access green spaces easily on foot because of health conditions.

·        Just the problem with blue badge spaces

·        None

·        Same as above. Have arthritis.

·        If I manage to get out & about I have to use 2 walking sticks or my wheelchair, I can not get up or down any stairs & therefore I need to use a lift.

·        Lacking confidence by myself incase I can’t manage away from the house.

·        See last question. As I live alone and need to get out and about I need a temporary Blue Badge as I need to park as near as possible to my destination. I use 2 crutches to get around given to me by MSK service.

·        I would need assistance to go out in wheechair and would like to know about a service where a volunteer could take me out

·        not all places have disability access for me I could do with more help going to hospital appointments ect

·        None at present.

·        I’m not a wheelchair user but I walk with sticks because my legs don’t move or lift like they use to consequently steps and high pavements need extra concentration to manage them

·        Awaiting an answer from Gateway about access rails to house only been waiting approximately 1month

·        Lots of shops and buildings in Halifax don’t have access the Piece Hall shops are difficult to get into.

·        No I am pretty mobile.

·        More about walking alone at night than physical access

·        Due to caring for someone with continence issues i need access to safe single sex toilets to preserve privacy and dignity

·        I need support walking and balance. Booking hospital transport is a problem because I can’t hear the instructions that tell you what buttons to press to reach the right person to speak to. Most things that are easy for most people are difficult for me.


Q10 – Where in Calderdale do you live?

Q11 – How do you usually access the Internet?


“Other” answers:

·        No online access.

·        Use my iPad, laptop and mobile, but you only allowed one choice!

·        All of the above

·        All of the above

·        iPad

·        iPad.


Q12 – how old are you?


40-49 – 1

50-59 – 9

60-69 – 27

70-79 – 27

80 plus – 9


Download 2023 pdf accessibility survey

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