Stamp Price Increase Coming On 3 April

Royal Mail has confirmed that from 3 April the cost of a first class stamp will move from 95p to £1.10. It’s the first time that the price of a stamp has passed the £1 threshold.

Second class stamps will also become more expensive from that point, with the price moving from its current level of 68p to 75p.

The simple way to get around the stamp price increase is to stock up now. If you know that you are likely to have to send letters in the months ahead, then purchasing them in bulk now will save you cash in the long run.

That extra 15p being charged for first class stamps might not seem a lot on the face of it, but it quickly adds up if you send a lot of post.


Last year Royal Mail announced that it would be phasing out its old stamps, and would instead only accept stamps that include a barcode. Trying to use the old, non-barcoded stamps would incur a charge as it’s effectively the same as sending a letter with no stamp at all.

Initially, people were only given until 31 January 2023 to use their non-barcoded stamps. However, this deadline has been extended until 31 July 2023.

If you have old stamps without the barcode and don’t believe that you will be able to use them in time, the Royal Mail is running a ‘swap out’ scheme. This free initiative allows you to swap your old, non-barcoded stamps for their barcoded equivalents.

You can get a form for the ‘swap out’ scheme in three ways:

  • Through the Royal Mail website(opens in new tab)
  • By calling Royal Mail on 03457 740740
  • By picking up a form in person from your local Post Office
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