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Here’s the latest newsletter from the Age Action Alliance – as ever, it’s a good read, with some important issues covered in detail!

AAA membership reaches 100 milestone… here’s to a double century!
A big moment in the evolution of the Age Action Alliance: we have sailed past the 100 membership mark in just the first three months of reforming. You can see the updated list on our “Who We Are” page, and it really is a complete cross section of organisations who care about the future of ageing, together with individuals who work or campaign in the later life arena. You can read that list by clicking here:

As each month passes, I am receiving a wider spread of news and blogs from members to share on the website and in these newsletters… but I would love to hear from more of you! The previous AAA, which reached the dizzy heights of 900 members, proved to be an amazing place to share, network and learn as well as collaborate, and that’s the road we are now on.

I’m hoping to let you know soon of some exciting developments in our plans to form our first two action groups – around pensioner poverty and later life working – so if you would like to be involved in either do let me know!

The website is also fast becoming a unique resource of news, knowledge and opinions… so do please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you think might be interested in the stories or our network. Check out the latest news and blogs by clicking here:

And, don’t forget: please share this newsletter as widely as possible; and anyone reading this (individuals as well as groups) who would like to join (membership is free) and/or subscribe to the newsletter, simply email me at

Tony Watts OBE, Editor

Forced pre-payment meters leading to vulnerable older people disconnecting 

Age UK has called for a pre-payment meter amnesty with research showing that over half a million older households – one in four of ALL pre-payment meter customers – are now dependent on this pricier, pay-as-you-go form of energy.
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Don’t panic! Under-siege DWP extends deadline to give State Pensions a boost

An under siege (and under-resourced) DWP has bowed to public and media pressure and extended its deadline for workers to significantly boost their state pensions by catching up on historic unpaid NI contributions.
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Free practical help for families and carers who worry about ageing relatives

A new, free resource is available from AAA members Age Space following research that has highlighted just how much time families and carers spend worrying about their elderly relatives.
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Older people dying before they receive the care they need

Age UK is urging the Chancellor to use the Spring Budget to direct more Government resources towards reducing care support delays after analysis shows that a total of 28,890 older people died in 2021/22 without ever receiving the care and support they were waiting for.
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Lives at risk because of the dilapidated state of older people’s housing

Older people in Wales are facing a housing crisis: Care & Repair Cymru’s new report looks at the challenges, causes and solutions to a threat targeting some of our oldest homeowners.
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Solution of the week: home adaptations sooner rather than later

As we age, write ILC UK, most of us are likely to need to adapt our homes to make them easier for us to navigate. Simple adaptations to the home can keep us independent for longer.
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10 reasons to be an age and dementia friendly business 

Leeds Older People’s Forum runs the city’s Age and Dementia Friendly business scheme, to which over 90 businesses in the city have already signed up. Here are there top ten reasons why every business should follow suit…in every town and city.
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Older people: the cause of… or potential solution to… the UK’s problems?

If older people, as a growing demographic, are really going to provide positive solutions to society’s problems, we need to be listened to by those in power. By AAA co-founder Tony Watts OBE.
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How much of over 50s unemployment is down to the ageist attitudes of employes and recruitment agencies?

There are now 3.6 million 50-64 year olds not in work… a figure that is 300,000 higher than before the pandemic. But how much of this problem is about older people retiring early (through choice or ill health) and how much can be laid at the feet of employers?
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If the Government really wants to get older people back into work, here’s what they have to do

Regional strategies, an improved understanding of the needs and circumstances of older workers and an end to the pernicious effects of ageism… just some of what is needed if older people are to play a full part in the workplace. By AAA members Wise Age.

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