Luddendenfoot Community Centre & Cafe

Enjoy Community Hub is based at Tenterfields Business Park, Luddendenfoot (postcode HX2 6EQ) where there is a Community Cafe which is open on Wednesdays 2-4pm.

They offer teas, coffee, hot chocolate, juice etc. prices range from 50p for juice to £2.50 for a luxury hot chocolate and often have homemade cakes.

They also have a wonderful space filled with crafting materials that are available to use (for a small donation if possible) & a very welcoming family vibe.

They also have a library to borrow/read from including kids books, cooking & gardening books, extensive crafting & art books, board games & learning material and a small craft & gift shop filled with handmade & pre loved items.

There is also a food bank that is available to everyone.

Find out more about their many activities on their website:

Enjoy Community Hub, Tenterfields Business Park, Luddendenfoot HX2 6EQ

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