Halifax Regeneration Plans – Have Your Say

Plan view of proposals for the eastern gateway to Halifax with changes to layout

Calderdale Council are currently planning the next steps of their regeneration in Halifax. They’re planning on creating new public spaces improving accessibility, creating areas where people can move around free of traffic, improving vehicle circulation around the town and public transport connectivity, and supporting our aspirations for inclusive growth.

In brief, they are proposing to:

  • pedestrianise Market Street and a short length of Northgate,
  • create a public space outside Square Chapel and Halifax Central Library,
  • move the main traffic route east of the former Hughes Corporation building towards Bank Bottom,
  • add blue badge parking spaces on Princess Street,
  • introduce new bus stops at Southgate, Ward’s End, Union Street, Church Street, Alfred Street East and Horton Street,
  • prioritise bus access at Winding Road,
  • move taxi provision from the middle of Market Street further south, and adding taxi provision on Albion Street,
  • remove parking on Horton Street to allow for freer flowing bus movements,
  • realign the road at Lower Kirkgate and Bank Bottom,
  • add cycle facilities at major junctions and throughout the town

Many of these changes have potential implications for people with accessibility needs. To have your say on the changes and, in particular, to highlight potential problems with the plans, please visit the project’s web-page, where you will find much more detail: http://www.calderdalenextchapter.co.uk/projects/a629-halifax-town-centre

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